Snake Rescuer Nick Evans Saves Family From an Unexpected Visitor - a Black Mamba in the House

Snake Rescuer Nick Evans Saves Family From an Unexpected Visitor - a Black Mamba in the House

  • Snake lover and rescuer, Nick Evans from Durban, was thrilled by a call he got from a family asking him to help out as a venous snake had crawled into their house
  • The family from Inanda was helpless as they watched the serpent slithering into the house and then even worse, they couldn't see where it went to hide
  • Evans arrived and did what he does best - safely caught the terrified snake and left the relieved family immensely cheered up

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Nick Evans has left family feeling relaxed and happy after he found the snake that had crawled and hidden itself in the house
Snake rescuer Nick Evans saved a petrified black mamba that hid behind the wardrobe of a family's house to shed its skin. Image: @Nick Evans Snake Rescuer
Source: Facebook

Snake rescuer and hero Nick Evans from Durban was exhilarated by a call from a family whose home was invaded by a venomous snake. The family from Maphephetha in Inanda was relaxing after a long day spent spring cleaning when they saw the unwelcome visitor slithering from nowhere into the house.

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The deadly serpent didn't seem to pose any threat as it went straight into the bedroom. The family tried getting rid of the snake by using Jeyes Fluid to irritate it. As usual, says Nick, it didn't work. That's when he was called to the rescue.

The snake rescuer found the family calm as they waited outside. They wanted to see if the snake would come out through the door or a broken window. As Nick walked into the house, he was told that they thought the snake went under a bed.

He couldn't find it there, so he searched the wardrobe next to the bed, and with luck, he spotted it. On his Facebook page, Nick Evans -Snake rescuer, he said:

"The mamba wasn't under the bed. I looked around the room, and the wardrobe was the next best bet, I thought. I shone my torch in, and I could see a coil of its body sticking out. The gap between the wardrobe and wall was small, but it squeezed in there."

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With a quick and easy catch, Evans got hold of the snake using his tongs as it tried to come out, unhappy about this disruption.

The snake looked like it was shedding its old skin even though the scales underneath weren't ready. The snake lover believes it will heal after another shedding.

Other snake lovers praised Evans for his amazing job in saving the vulnerable reptile.

Stethoscope Stoanido said:

"Keep up the good work Nicky... You are my hero, sir, and I always enjoy it when you narrate how you managed to catch these wonderful creatures and relocate them back into the wild away from the human habitat."

Lynn Allwright commented:

"Great news that all are safe and sound! (My legs would have swinging up vertically. My feet would have been looking at the ceiling. Then, magically, I would have been outside!) Grace must have been in Heaven!"

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Patricia Schmuhl du Toit added:

"Oh my shattered nerves."

Snake Rescuer Nick Evans got his demolition on to catch a deadly Cobra who made its way into a Prayer Room

In another story, Briefly News also reported that snake rescuer Nick Evans felt hella bad when he had to wreck a beautiful prayer room to capture a Mozambique spitting cobra. It was a well-worthy demo though, that snake is deadly!

“He started breaking it, and the cobra was exactly where we suspected it to be. I pulled it out with my tongs, and it's spat furiously at my tongs, then me.”

With the passion and love for snakes that he has, Nick always tries to go the safest and best route for the snake; however, he does take the safety of others and their environment into account too.

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Source: Briefly News

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