Pit Bull Growls at Terrified Owner in TikTok Video With 2.5M Views, Expert Discusses Aggressive Dog Behaviour

Pit Bull Growls at Terrified Owner in TikTok Video With 2.5M Views, Expert Discusses Aggressive Dog Behaviour

  • One woman was terrified of her dog, which looked like it was in a bad mood as it bore down on her
  • A video shows a large pit bull glaring at its owner, who didn't know what to do as she tried to get it to calm down
  • Online users saw the dog's behaviour as a red flag, and Briefly News spoke to a dog behaviourist from Durban Dog Hotel

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A woman who owns a pit bull seemed very frightened. In a viral TikTok video, the woman can be seen cowering from the dangerous dog.

TikTok video of pit bull growling at owner
A TikTok video shows a pit bull threatening its owner, and many were scared. Image: @sanjayfavour
Source: TikTok

The scary video showing the notorious hound got well over 20 000 likes. Many people commented with their opinions about how the dog was acting.

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Pit bull goes TikTok viral due to aggressive behaviour

@sanjayfavour posted featuring a woman struggling to handle a hostile pit bull. The clip shows the dog growling, looking ready to attack. Watch the video below:

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Dog expert on how to deal with aggressive dogs and prevent it

People are often curious to see videos of vicious dogs. This video was especially scary, as viewers noticed that the owner lacked expertise in handling dogs.

An expert from Durban Dog Hotel, Sonseirai van Heerden Swanson explained that an aggressive dog like the one in the video should be dealt with calmly. Sonseirai advised that the owner should've avoided eye contact, stayed quiet and should've withdrawn affection, so no petting to calm the dog. She explained:

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"The pooch will confuse this with positive reinforcement of their behaviour (the equivalent of ‘good boy, eat me!’). Instead, turn to the side, as to dogs, this is a state of ‘friend’ not foe. Relax your body and do not be stiff as a stiff body in doggie language means ‘I’m confronting you’. Ignore your dog and SLOWLY move sideways to an exit."

Sonserai emphasised that it is never a good idea to turn your back on the dog and running will only trigger the dog to attack. The key is to remain calm.

Finally, the dog behaviourist highlighted that a well-socialised dog would prevent aggressive behaviour in the first place. Make sure you avoid getting puppies from breeders who separate them from their mom before 12 weeks as it is critical for the dog to be with siblings and mother. Soenseirai said:

"From the age of 12 weeks (after vaccination and boosters) get proactive and purposeful in your dog’s upbringing and have them consistently meet multiple race groups, children, dogs and be around noisy or moving objects like motorbikes, cats etc."

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TikTok users scared by pit bull's behaviour in viral video

Here is what netizens had to say about the dog:

bonjovi fan commented:

"Call Cesar Millan immediately."

Ranjit Mendhir added:

"The growl was not a good sign. Nearly attacked the owner. Rottweilers are common for this, but pit bulls rarely behave like this."

Justincase0606 commented:

"Better not having a dog as a pet at all."

Nina wondered:

"They said don't show your fear...but how can I not be scared of that though."

Alaska declared:

"That is a disaster waiting to happen too aggressive."

Man with pit bull throws hands after dog stopped him from dancing up a storm

Briefly News previously reported that a video went viral after people saw a man and his pitbull go at it. The dog breed is known for being dangerous, but this video showed the dog behaving like any other.

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The video was hilarious as it combined dance and a cute dog. The funny video was a viral hit and got over 500 000 likes.

A creator, @bbyquan3, was trying to film a TikTok dance video when his pit bull got involved. In the video, the dog can be seen jumping and growling to distract the owner, who ended up in a funny tussle with the hound.

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