TikTok Video of Ekurhuleni Man Praying on Knees in Parking Lot, SA Christians Moved

TikTok Video of Ekurhuleni Man Praying on Knees in Parking Lot, SA Christians Moved

  • A TikTok user in Bedfordview filmed a man who was having a religious moment, and it went viral
  • Many were touched after seeing the man in the video's display of faith, and many Christians were inspired
  • TikTok users commented on the video, touched to see the man's devotion to God while out and about

A video of a religious man went TikTok viral. Online users were touched by a video of the man deep in his faith.

Man in Ekurhuleni
A TikTok video of an Ekurhuleni man praying publicly had close to a million views. Image: @mziwethumaqolo
Source: UGC

The TikTok video got lots of attention from netizens who were touched, and it got over 130,000 likes. There were thousands of comments from people applauding the display of faith in God.

Man in Bedfordview prays in parking lot

A gent was recorded by @mziwethumaqolo, who posted a video of him praying. In the clip, the man knelt under a tree and raised his hands in prayer.

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Watch the clip:

SA moved by religious man

TikTok users applauded the man's belief in God. Christians commented and hoped that the man's prayers would be heard.

LaParcia said:

"Yeyyi the faith homeless ppl have one day I heard a homeless man saying 'Thank God' after eating food he got from a dustbin."

mbalenhle wrote:

"I think his prayers are answered, only the tree he's under is moving, God moved."

Chabie added:

"This was me one day I was tired, I parked the car and started praying when I was done everyone was staring at me with tears all over my face."

babalwamatha was moved:

"Why I'm I crying?"

GP straight commented;

"The most powerful prayer ever, but only a few will understand."

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LaZulu exclaimed:

"Felt deep."

Christianity discussed online

Mzansi is often engaged in discussions about religion versus tradition. A woman went viral after circling Christians who wear traditional attire.

Christian woman's modest beachwear style trends

Briefly News previously reported that a Christian lady has caught the attention of many in South Africa by demonstrating how to dress modestly at the beach while still looking fashionable and chic.

TikTok user @sistshwanelohrough's page shared a video that offers a glimpse into what she wore to cover up while enjoying the sun and sand.

Her beachwear style emphasised comfortable yet trendy choices, including swimsuits, flowy cover-ups and fashionable headscarves. She proves that one can maintain one's values and beliefs while staying stylish with beach fashion.

Source: Briefly News

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