Man Pushes for Compulsory DNA Test of Every Child Born, Netizens Discuss Benefits

Man Pushes for Compulsory DNA Test of Every Child Born, Netizens Discuss Benefits

  • Prince Yaw Gharbin, a doctoral researcher at the University of Luxembourg, is advocating for mandatory DNA testing for every newborn in Ghana before official naming
  • He emphasised the prevalence of cases where men, after caring for children they believed to be theirs, later discovered otherwise
  • Prince also suggested the addition of mandatory DNA testing to the Ghanaian constitution and encouraged men to their pregnant partners until a DNA test confirms parentage

Prince Yaw Gharbin, a doctoral researcher at the University of Luxembourg, has called for mandatory DNA testing for every baby born in Ghana before the child is officially named.

Prince emphasised the need for this measure to prevent future paternity disputes and ensure accurate parentage information from the get-go.

In an interview on TV3, he highlighted the prevalence of cases where men, having cared for children they believed to be theirs, later discovered they were not the biological fathers.

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Ghanaian Man Pushes For Compulsory DNA Test Of Every Child
A collage of Prince Yaw Gharbin, a DNA test result and a happy family Photo credit: @sikaofficial1 (Twitter), Douglas Sacha & Morsa Images (Getty Images)
Source: UGC

Expressing his viewpoint in a video shared by @sikaofficial, Prince advocated for the inclusion of mandatory DNA testing in the Ghanaian constitution, stating:

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"I believe that DNA test should be mandatory and it should be added to the constitution of Ghana that after the birth of every child, a DNA test must be conducted before the child is given a name."

He stressed the importance of men taking care of women who claim they have impregnated them until a DNA test is conducted to confirm parentage.

“Men should just make sure that the kids that they are spending money on, spending time with and doing everything for belongs to them.”

The proposal aims to address issues related to paternity uncertainty and ensure the accuracy of familial relationships.

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By implementing mandatory DNA testing, Prince envisions a system that promotes transparency and helps prevent potential legal and emotional challenges arising from paternity disputes.

Watch the video below:

Comments on the video collated some reactions to the video shared by @sikaofficial1. Read them below.

@t_y_l_o_n said:

"God bless his generation...DNA tests for unborn/new born babies in our age should be compulsory. Most women wicked pass."

@AyiteyPriscilla wrote:

"He is right."

@EsqAboagye said:

"Why compulsory? It should be a mutual agreement between the two parties."

@boldhead777 wrote:

"Not necessarily compulsory, it should be an option."

@leonelz007 said:

"This would be a great idea....this can reduce paternal fraud in a relationship."

@Dr_Action_Boi wrote:

"I support this with my heart."

@watchwuragh said:

"I disagree! Even in Luxembourg DNA test is not compulsory. It’s optional because of the requisite repercussions if the result turns out to be unfavourable."

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Ghanaian Lady Confesses She Changed DNA Results Of Kids So Their Dad Gets Divorced And Marries Her

Prince's comments came after a Ghanaian woman confessed on a TV3 show, Confessions, to manipulating DNA results to break up a marriage and subsequently marry the man.

The remorseful lady admitted to exchanging the man's DNA results, falsely indicating that the children were not biologically related to him.

She added that she's grappling with guilt, particularly after learning of the tragic demise of her husband's ex-wife, who suffered distress due to the false paternity test.

Man gets paternity test, decides to stick around for his 'child'

Briefly News previously reported that a man who had harboured suspicions of his wife's infidelity with a construction worker has made a commitment to maintain his relationship with the child born from his wife's extramarital affair.

This decision follows the revelation of a DNA test confirming that he is not the biological father of the child.

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The man's doubts about his wife's fidelity were sparked when he observed her frequently in the company of a construction worker who was employed to work on their home.


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