TikTokker Gives Props to YouTube Channel That Helped Her Navigate the Job Market

TikTokker Gives Props to YouTube Channel That Helped Her Navigate the Job Market

  • A young woman shared a TikTok video giving praise to the YouTube channel @Careervidz for helping young South Africans get job interviews
  • The channel was founded in 2011 by interview expert Richard McMunn, who advises young job seekers
  • Mzansi came forward to praise her recommendation, giving many their experiences on how his work helped them
Corporate TikTokker gives recommendation on how to land that your next job.
TikTokker posted a video spreading the word about Richard McMunn to help others achieve in job interviews. Source: @corporate_girlie_/@Careervidz
Source: TikTok

In a competitive job market, extra help can go a long way. While young people struggle with references or relevant experience for the job they are applying for, many will also find the interview process challenging.

Interview Guru

A TikTok video posted by @corporate_girlie_ recommended interview expert Richard McMunn's Youtube channel @Careervidz, which she claimed helped her pass all her interviews.

McMunn posts content that gives advice and tips to job seekers going through the interview process, with highly engaging content that touches on every facet, from potential questions to how to present yourself in an interview.

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The channel also posts videos based on the type of job position, how to prepare for last-minute interviews, and how to do interviews that are not in person, among other topics.

Mzansi approved channel

Many took to the comments to recommend his channel, with Netizens sharing their experience of using his tips to prepare for their interview, which helped them. Many see his channel as a great way to eliminate the nerves of doing a job interview and building confidence.

Anne got a leg up:

"This guy helped me in aptitude solving. Thumbs up✌️"

Kelci gave him props:

"As a recruiter, I recommend his channel also "

Bohica shared her experience:

"Second this. It helped me score the location manager position I’m at now!"

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KK used his help:

"Used this today. My interview went more than perfect. But let's discuss your worth and value more depending on the market."

Dybo is grateful:

"Got my first job after watching him"

Sello was inspired by his help:

"Just signed a contract this week because of this guy... Starting in Jan"

Tatiana wrote:

"Listening to that guy is a sure guarantee pass for your interview. I can testify."

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The lady posted a video of emails from the companies she applied to, telling her she had been unsuccessful.

Source: Briefly News

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