A 21-year Old University Dropout and 3 Other Adults Find Success After Rewriting Their Matric

A 21-year Old University Dropout and 3 Other Adults Find Success After Rewriting Their Matric

  • Matric can prove to be a challenging academic year for many, resulting in unsatisfactory final marks
  • Four South African adults on different oaths shared the same desire to go back to school to rewrite their matric
  • Briefly News zooms into their individual stories and the motivation behind why they decided to go back to school
four adults rewrite matric
Four South Africans returned to school to rewrite their matric and unlock brighter futures. Image: (@pinkyminnie1, @kamvamadikwa25, @winning018
Source: TikTok

Going back to school to improve one's matric results is a bold and significant step towards a brighter future.

Upgrading matric results is a second chance to improve your marks. It helps you get better scores and admission into a degree program you wish to pursue.

Briefly News has compiled four inspiring stories of four different South Africans who may have had journeys but shared one goal: to improve their matric results.

1. Woman goes back to school at 31 to rewrite matric

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We start off with Sisanda Mkhosana (@pinkyminnie1), who, at the age of 31, decided to go back to school to rewrite her matric after being dissatisfied with her initial marks.

A video posted on TikTok by Sisanda shows her dressed in a school uniform. The post was captioned:

"At the age of 31, I decided to go back and rewrite my wrongs (matric)."

Sisanda told Briefly News that she passed her matric with a higher certificate pass in 2016 at Mgezwa Senior Secondary School.

"I stayed two years discombobulated and stressing without knowing what to do with my life as I was always thinking about the promise I made to myself to go back to high school.
"In the beginning of 2019 l decided to go to Durban to look for a job so that I would be able to get money and take myself back to school. My home situation is what motivated me the most," Sisanda said.

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2. 21-year-old woman drops out of university, goes back to matric

As if going back to school years after you've matriculated isn't bold enough, a young woman did the unusual.

She dropped out of university to go back to school.

@lemonadefaramouw1 took her TikTok to share her first day as a learner again.

Getting ready for her school day, a video shows @lemonadefaramouw1 ironing her uniform and doing her hair in the early morning hours.

@lemonadefaramouw1 also shares a view of where she lives and gives her followers a peek at how it went at the school.

3. 28-year-old woman returns to high school to upgrade matric results

A 28-year-old woman gave the world a glimpse of her time in high school as an adult with a TikTok video.

The TikTok video uploaded by @winning018 paints a vivid picture of her unique journey. It displays the woman confidently posing at the school alongside fellow learners. When TikTokkers asked why she went back to high school, she said:

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"I realised that my career goals have shifted, and I need a different academic background to pursue a new career path that requires a Bachelor's degree."

4. Man matriculates in 2019, goes back to school in 2023

One gent could not shake the feeling and desire to go back to school and do better than he did in his matric year.

Although he matriculated in 2019, he wasn't happy with the results and went back to school in 2023.

He did exceptionally well. @kamvamadikwa25 shared his journey in a TikTok video.

During his second time as a matric learner, he worked hard. He maintained a top achiever status through all terms.

In the video, he captured his certificates and some sentimental moments from his journey.

80-year-old gogo gets MBA degree to motivate family

In another story, Briefly News reported that a woman posted about a gogo who graduated with an MBA at the age of 80 years old on Twitter and got tongues wagging among tweeps.

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The lady shared gogo's graduation pic and concluded the cation with the words:

"Never give up on your dreams."

Peeps on Twitter were split in opinion over gogo's achievement. Some felt she wasted her time and money as she wouldn't need the qualification, while others congratulated her as they thought her achievement was beautiful.

Source: Briefly News

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