Cape Town Man Falls Over Amid Baboon Attack in TikTok Video, Mzansi Amused by Animal Encounter

Cape Town Man Falls Over Amid Baboon Attack in TikTok Video, Mzansi Amused by Animal Encounter

  • One man in Cape Town had an epic face-off with a baboon while trying to enjoy the beach in peace
  • The guy in the TikTok video went viral as people watched his dangerous interaction with the animal
  • Many people commented on the TikTok video, and many cracked jokes about the man's animal encounter

A man in Cape Town got into it against a baboon. The guy in the video was in grave danger when he confronted the wild animal.

Cape Town fights baboon in TikTok video
A man in Cape Town fought s baboon and looked like he lost. Image: @matthewwareley
Source: TikTok

Online users were complaining about baboons in Cape Town. The video made people realise how dangerous it can be

Men in Cape Town attacked by baboon

In a video posted on TikTok by @matthewwareley, a man was the victim of a baboon attack. In the clip, he confronted it, and it charged him until he fell over.

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Watch the video below to the moment the baboon won the faceoff:

SA mortified by baboon attack

Online users admitted that they were amused. Despite the danger he was in, the man went viral. Baboons are described as some of the most dangerous primates.

Read the comments:

Miguel said:

"Guy standing at the back didn't want no beef ."

Flo wrote:

"Don't mess with Cape Town tsotsi."


"I wouldn't know what to do when approached by these animals."

LucySwan added:

"I shouldn't be laughing but its sooooo funny."

amy geldenhuys joked:

"It's the kicking for me."

Mint wondered:

"What was Piet doing?"

Meme Culture joked:

"Rafiki is standing on business."

TikTok video of baboon is SA township amuses people

Briefly News previously reported that a TikTok video of a wild baboon made people laugh as it explored the location in a hilarious way. Image: @michaelkeet5

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The video of the baboon's adventures got over 40,000 likes. Many were frustrated as the video got thousands of likes from those thoroughly entertained by the animal video.

@michaelkeet5 took a detailed video of how a baboon got around his hood. In the video, the baboon climbed over walls and finally into someone's house through the window.

Source: Briefly News

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