Elephant Escapes Game Reserve and Roams Streets of Mpumalanga, Video Goes Viral

Elephant Escapes Game Reserve and Roams Streets of Mpumalanga, Video Goes Viral

  • An elephant was captured roaming the streets of Mpumalanga after escaping from Matsulu Game Reserve
  • The video was posted on TikTok and sparked humorous reactions and references from South Africans
  • Some people are concerned about the safety of the community and the fate of the elephant as it wanders through the area
A wild elephant was spotted in Nelspruit
A wild elephant was recorded walking in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. Image: @muntfuwenkhosimagagula88
Source: TikTok

An elephant, believably from Matsulu Game Reserve, decided to stroll through the streets and residents couldn't believe their eyes.

Mpumalanga residents see wild elephant

As the elephant made its way through the Mpumalanga area, residents quickly whipped out their phones to capture the rare sight.

The video was posted on TikTok by @muntfuwenkhosimagagula88 and captures the bewildered reactions of onlookers. They watched the majestic animal navigate through unfamiliar territory.

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Elephant video spreads on TikTok

The wild encounter gained traction on the social media platform and drew 360K views and more than 10K likes and comments.

Watch the video below:

Mzansi amazed by wild elephant

South Africans on TikTok wasted no time in adding spice to the situation. They flooded the comments section with witty remarks about elephant clan names like Gatsheni.

Some expressed worries that the elephant might become a potential meal for the community if not recaptured.

See some posts below:

@Teekay posted:

"In Tembisa ngabe sesisuthi. No January for us."

@sdwesh80 asked:

"Uyaphi uGatsheni? "

@Khutsomakeni wrote:

"Imagine bumping into it after groove. No one will believe you."

@MohauA commented:

"Cameraman, send your CV to National Geographic."

@Zwelihle said:

"It's doing door-to-door campaigns for upcoming elections."

@qinisonkomo7 stated:

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"I never understood the logic behind people living next to game reserves."

@big.man424 shared:

"In my kasi they would make an elephant braai. Mara ey if this can escape, what about a lion?"

@callie added:

"Please don't kill it, guys, please, this is the beauty of our nature, please."

Man faces elephants at game reserve

In another article, Briefly News reported that online users reacted to a video of a man trying to get away from an elephant.

The man hopped out of his car and went straight into the wild. People had jokes as they discussed the guy's decision. The video left many netizens amused.

Source: Briefly News

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