"We Got Married 3 Years Ago": Couple Tells Love Story for Valentine's Celebration in TikTok Video

"We Got Married 3 Years Ago": Couple Tells Love Story for Valentine's Celebration in TikTok Video

  • A Nigerian couple impressed their followers with their calm demeanour a day before their wedding ceremony three years ago
  • In a throwback video they posted, the couple were spotted strolling on the road casually without any atom of pressure
  • The couple said they were observing their wedding ceremony on a budget, and they did not put themselves in financial distress

A couple on TikTok has received praise from their followers because of their exhibition of modesty.

The couple said they got married three years ago in a throwback video shared on the platform by @theolatunbosuns.

Man and his wife share their love story.
The couple got married three years ago. Photo credit: Tiktok/@theolatunbosuns.
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Man and woman mark Valentine's

In the old video by @theolatunbosuns they were seen walking casually in the streets, having fun and letting people know they were not under any form of pressure.

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The couple said their wedding was on a budget, and they did not want to spend too much.

They wrote:

"While we were planning our wedding, we often looked into each other’s eyes and reminded ourselves: “reaffirming our commitment: “It’s just you and me against the world.” We knew what we wanted and went for it, even when our families had different ideas. We stuck together and fought for our love, with God’s help.
"And to the ladies, a bonus tip: Your wedding’s success lies not in lavish spending, but in your unwavering support for your partner and your shared vision. if your man don’t have much & you’re on a budget, stand by him and stick to your plan, and don’t let family pressures overshadow your bond."

Watch the video below:

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Reactions to video of a man and his wife

@Crown commented:

"This is the kind of wedding that last, and blossom into a wealthy and happy couple."

@Moh'D said:

"Many would have married today and be happy, but, they're still looking for money for that lavish wedding."

@Mhercee said:

"This is sweet Uncle Iyanu."

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