Man Calls Out Families, Says Husband Assets Belong to Wife and Kids Not Siblings

Man Calls Out Families, Says Husband Assets Belong to Wife and Kids Not Siblings

  • A gentleman took to his TikTok and shared his views about siblings claiming their married brother's assets
  • The guy said that those things belonged to the man's wife and children, not his family
  • The online community reacted to the video, with many agreeing and applauding him for his view
  • Thuthukani spoke to Briefly and gave more details about his views on siblings that assert themselves in their brother's marriages
A man said in a TikTok video that a husband's assets belong to his wife and kids, not siblings.
A man called out siblings who think they have the right to their married brother's assets, saying they belong to the wife and kids. Images: @sgora03_thuthukani/ TikTok, @Konstantin Aksenov
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A man took to his TikTok account to set things straight with siblings who feel entitled to their married brother's assets.

@sgora03_thuthukani uploaded a video, saying that a married man's assets belong to his wife and kids, not his siblings.

His statement comes from the fact that many people, especially in South Africa, have tended to start fights with the wife when the husband passes away. The man's family would claim everything, saying the wife has no right to her husband's things.

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These families even go against the law of married people in a property community.

Man says husband assets belong to his kids and wife and his siblings

Watch the TikTok video below:

Man speaks to Briefly News about his views on marriage and assets

Speaking to Briefly News, Thuthukani said that he has decided to express his views because he has seen many women and kids being kicked out of their homes after their husbands pass away.

He said the common argument or justification that families use to claim a married man's assets is that the wife allegedly killed the husband. Thuthukani further advised people to draw up wills to avoid such situations.

"I would say all men must draft a will and divide their assets while they are still alive to prevent this confusion."

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TikTokkers love the man's view on marriage

The video garnered over 119k views, with many online users agreeing with what he said and adding that this goes both ways.

@rampage347 commented:

"Also, remind the wife's siblings of the same."

@sophy b Lekhuleni muianga lov :

"Your wife, she's the luckiest woman on earth straight ."

@villa code guru revealed how he would do it:

"50% my parents, 30% my son, 20% the baby mama cause what I know is, even if the son blew it, the mother will take good care of him."

@Shai Khutšo felt different:

"50% belongs to his wife. The other 50% the brother can give to his family."

@Charmaine agreed:

"Tell them please ."

@What do you want!!! said:

"Let's draw up wills Bana ba ntate That's the only thing that can save us from such."

Man tried to cheat wife on 50/50 split during divorce

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In another story, Briefly News reported about a husband who tried to cheat his wife from getting a 50/50 divorce.

Mrs M filed for divorce after over two decades of marriage. In court papers, the wife believed she was owed a 50/50 share of the joint estate because she and Mr M were married in a community of property. The man refused, saying she did not contribute anything to the house, she did not even visit her kids who were staying with him.

The woman denied that, and the kids also denied what their father was saying, and as a result, he lost the case.

Source: Briefly News

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