TikTok Video of Young Girl's Fearful Reaction to Holding a Live Chicken Leaves SA Amused and Pitiful

TikTok Video of Young Girl's Fearful Reaction to Holding a Live Chicken Leaves SA Amused and Pitiful

  • A TikTok video of a little girl reacting to a live chicken has been doing the rounds on social media
  • The footage shows the child holding the bird as her entertained father torments her while recording the video
  • Many Mzansi netizens reacted to the video with comments expressing humour and sympathy
girl scared of chicken
A video showed a young girl's terrified reaction to holding a live chicken. Image: fizkes
Source: Getty Images

A video captured the fear and trauma of a poor little girl who was forced to hold a live chicken against her will.

Chicken leaves girl traumatised

A TikTok video shared by @amish890 shows the girl crying as she holds the bird in her hands as her amused father records a video of her reaction.

She can be heard crying out to her father, asking him to take it as she is too scared of the chicken.

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Bathong, the girl, may have Alektorophobia, an intense, uncontrollable fear of chickens, Cleveland Clinic explains. People with Alektorophobia have excessive fear and anxiety around roosters or hens.

Watch the video below:

Mzansi reacts to the video with humour

Many netizens were amused by the terrified child's reaction to the chicken. Others sympathised with her as they shared their fears of chickens, too.

nomdie_123 reacted:

"How did it get into her hands?"

Being that Baereplied:

"I ran out the house kwinziwa ilati ekhaya kthiwa anginambe eyami, angidlanga for days."

Buleh Cele commented:

"I feel her painangiyidli ngisho isiphekiwe."

Pe. cutie said:

"Uyibambile njena."

Qhawe lentombi45 commented:

"Kube labafana libesaba kanje ezweni ngabe kumnandi ."

Iris said:

"Isono kodwa bakithimina ngsaysaba namanje."

Zile commented:

"Uthini lo Baba manimkhuza kodwa ye."

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anonymous replied:

"She's still holding itNgabe sengiyilahle lapha ngabaleka."

Daughter praises mom who secretly stashed chicken leftovers

In another story, Briefly News reported that a Mzansi woman took to social media to praise her mom for looking out for her when saving her some chicken leftovers.

A TikTok video shared by @reekymakae8 shows her in the kitchen with her mom as she opens the fridge to take out a lunchbox with a piece of chicken tucked into the vegetable drawer.

@reekymakae8 shared that her mother strategically hid the piece of chicken so that her dad couldn't find it because he eats everything as if he lives alone.

Source: Briefly News

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