Springboks Captain Siya Kolisi Hilariously Shares Struggle With Daughter's Homework on TikTok

Springboks Captain Siya Kolisi Hilariously Shares Struggle With Daughter's Homework on TikTok

  • Rugby star Siya Kolisi had Mzansi in stitches after sharing a video about being dribbled by his daughter's homework
  • A TikTok video and Instagram post show the Springboks captain admitted that he couldn't help his daughter with her schoolwork
  • The video left many Mzansi netizens laughing out loud as they admitted to having trouble with helping their children too
Springboks Captain Siya Kolisi and his daughter
Springboks Captain Siya Kolisi admitted that his daughter's homework made him doubt himself. Image: @siyakolisi
Source: Instagram

Kolisi humbled by daughter's homework

A TikTok video shared by @centuryspot shows a defeated Siya confessing to struggling to comprehend his daughter's homework.

In the funny footage, Siya can be heard telling people that if they think they have made it in life, they should consider doing their children's homework as it will bring them back down to earth.

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"And it's not the hard things, it's the easy stuff. It makes you doubt yourself, especially the easy answers. My daughter looks at me, and I look at her back. She asks me if is this right and I say I don't know, you're supposed to know.

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"It's not for me hey. I'm tired, I'm exhausted just from that, not even from training," said Siya who also advised against trying to help your kids with homework when you have friends over, to avoid getting embarrassed.

He also shared a funny post on Instagram, admitting that he 'couldn't solve x' of his daughter's homework.

Siya Kolisi has Mzansi amused

As hilarious as Siya's confessional was, many Mzansi parents could relate to his parenting struggles as they shared how their children's homework leaves them flustered and confused.

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Linley | Brand & Web Design replied:

"My kids teacher said I must help with the homework because he's struggling.. Thing is I did help him and did most of it.. So now I don't know ."

Lorraine commented:

"I had to google long division."

Dominique_R responded:

" My mom helped me with primary school maths once… all the answers were wrong ."

Just_Pheladi responded:

"The teacher even sent us a video of how to do some math thing bcoz we were all tekateking ."

Andyswa said:

"Grade R homework is constantly giving me a chokeslam. I swear that homework has a vendetta against me."

Nozah said:

"Yhooooo Siya the homework is every day and every week it’s a project hay kunzima shame."

Fun_der_Coglin joked:

"The pain in his voice ."

IamTashie replied:

"I always say this . it's like the teachers are giving them their Unisa assignments as homework ."

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Source: Briefly News

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