3-Year-Old Toddler Takes Control of Mom's Takealot Cart, Fills It With R30 000 Worth of Toys

3-Year-Old Toddler Takes Control of Mom's Takealot Cart, Fills It With R30 000 Worth of Toys

  • A TikTok video captured how a woman's toddler got up to no good on her Takelot app
  • The TikTok shows how the mother was notified that her Takealot shopping cart was filled with toys
  • The toys amounted to just over R30K, leaving many entertained netizens in stitches
A mom discovered her son had filled her online shopping cart on Takealot with R30 000 worth of toys
A mom was gobsmacked when she realised her son had been busy on her Takealot app. Image: @zisky_92
Source: TikTok

A Mzansi mom was stunned to discover how her son had secretly filled her Takealot online shopping cart without her knowledge.

Boy fills mom's Takealot cart

A TikTok video shared by the mother @zisky_92 shows how she received an email from Takealot notifying and reminding her about leaving items in her Takealot cart; however, she hadn't left anything in her shopping cart... as far as she knew.

She shared screenshots showing 33 expensive toys totalling a whopping R30 062! Thankfully, the three-year-old behind the almost online shopping spree did not check out with the pricey cart.

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"How my 3-year-old filled my Takelot cart with R30 000 se toys—shame he is such a big dreamer, lmao," @zisky_92 captioned the post.

Watch the video below:

Boy's Takealot toy shopping sparks laughter

The post left many netizens in chuckles of laughter as they reacted to the mischievous boy's antics.

_themaharani replied:

"This little person is clever! They even selected Cash On Delivery ."

Nompumelelo Makhanya commented:

" The way that payment would have bounced from my account ."

simonenefdt said:

'At least you know what he wants so can save up for birthday and Christmas lol."

Yash_N_GPૐ replied:

"I thought they hacked your Takealot account. The way I panicked."

Vhuthu⚡ said:

"I love a boy who knows what he wants."

Zulu Zinzile said:

"At least he couldn't check out otherwise ."

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G commented:

"My man trying to spoil himself. Imagine if he checked out all those goodies."

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Source: Briefly News

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