SA Lady Chimes In on US vs European Drama Online and Leaves Mzansi Howling

SA Lady Chimes In on US vs European Drama Online and Leaves Mzansi Howling

  • A South African woman asserted herself in a United States of America vs Europe drama on TikTok
  • The lady drama was about an American woman who was shocked by the fact that other people in Europe don't celebrate the Fourth of July
  • The online community reacted to the video, with many laughing at the Mzansi woman for her move
A South African woman hilariously joined a US vs Europe drama on TikTok.
A lady hilariously chimed in on the US vs European drama. Images: @brandcupid/ Instagram, @Hinterhaus Productions/ Getty Images
Source: UGC

A woman left Mzansi in stitches after she joined a TikTok drama between the United States of America and Europeans.

In the video uploaded by @brandcupid, one lady from the US appears and asks why people from England don't celebrate the Fourth of July, which is an independence day in the US.

A European woman then attempts to answer the other woman, saying that the day should be celebrated by US people in the US. It has nothing to do with England.

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Just as online users were listening to the two, the South African woman chimed in to moderate the chat between the other two TikTokkers. She hilariously tried to get a sense of it all and gave her funny opinion on the drama between the US and Europe.

SA woman hops in US vs Europe drama

Watch the funny TikTok video below:

TikTok users laughed at the video

The video garnered over 24k likes, with many online users finding the Mzansi woman hilarious.

@TheLynx73 said:

"We celebrate 4th of July on 27 April, in SA ."

@Sas1986 wondered:

"Guys what are Americans schools teaching kanti? "

@Thabile Msomi joked:

"And I went to Australia and asked them why don't they celebrate youth Day on the 16th of June."

@Gao said:

"For a moment there I was asking myself whose birthday is on the 4th of July, kanti doh I actually thought she going to make sense."

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@Ondeane Lourens stanned:

" You are brilliant!! Funny enough I celebrated the 4th of July at one point because it was the day my divorce went through ."

Man warns people not to mess with South African peeps

In another story, Briefly News reported about an American man who warned others of messing with a South African individual.

A TikTok video shared by @theafrofuturist_ shows the American user's assertion with a tone of both humour and respect. He acknowledges that South Africans have an unmatched sense of unity and loyalty to one another. In his words, provoking a South African is akin to picking a fight with an entire nation.

Source: Briefly News

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