Man Shares Life Before Becoming Wheelchair-Bound, Video Breaks SA’s Heart

Man Shares Life Before Becoming Wheelchair-Bound, Video Breaks SA’s Heart

  • A gentleman shared a heartbreaking story from being able to walk to being confined in a wheelchair
  • The guy was a skilled landscaper and he moved to Johannesburg, where he got shot and lost his legs
  • The online community reacted to the post, with many applauding the man for viewing life in a positive light
A man shared a TikTok post about how he ended up confined in a wheelchair.
A man shared how he ended up being confined to a wheelchair. Images: @ingahssirvayiva
Source: TikTok

A man took to his TikTok account and shared his life story from being able to walk on his two feet to being wheelchair-bound.

According to the picture post, the man was a landscaper specialising in pavement establishment and lawn and plant installation. He went to Johannesburg to search for better opportunities.

Upon his arrival in the City of Gold, he did grass trimming and marketed himself for better job opportunities at the same time. However, he had no luck. The man used his savings to buy sweets and snacks and he opened a street vending business, where he woke up at 5am to start selling.

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Unfortunately, one thing led to another, and a bullet took his legs and four of his fingers. He then had to use a wheelchair. The guy relocated to Cape Town and started growing vegetables in his backyard.

The gentleman said that even though life took a horrific turn, he never let it deter him. He said people should do what their minds tell them to and stop waiting for outside opportunities.

Man shares how he became confined to a wheelchair

A man shared his journey from being able to walk to being wheelchair-bound.
A man struggled to find work and opened a street vending business. He was shot and is now confined to a wheelchair. Images: @ingahssirvayiva
Source: TikTok
A man shared a story on TikTok about ending up in a wheelchair.
The man planted vegetables in his backyard, encouraging others to see life positively. Images: @ingahssirvayiva
Source: TikTok

Netizens were emotional over the TikTok post

The post garnered over 112kK views, with many online users admiring how he chose to see life.

@Ofentse Mokgau146 commented:

"Do you mins sharing more on the bullet incident, like what was going on and how did you get caught in the firing line?"

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@Steve Letsike asked:

"We see you, brother. Where in Cape Town are you based? I would like to meet you."

@mhanamzii1 was encouraged:

"I thought of giving up but your story has taught me a lesson. God bless you."

@user1704318562729 appreciated:

"Thank you for sharing your story✨you are so inspiring. I'm glad you chose to keep the faith, even after everything you went through. In the eyes of many, it might seem like God has forsaken you."

BI Phakathi gives disabled boy new wheelchair

In another story, Briefly News reported about BI Phakathi buying a disabled boy a new wheelchair.

Phakati noticed a family walking on the road pushing their son Jared. He is unable to talk and confined to a wheelchair. They were on their way to a friend to ask for help as they needed more adult nappies for their son. Phakathi bought the nappies for the boy and a new wheelchair.

Source: Briefly News

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