Woman in Taxi Insults Man for Leaning on Her, SA Feels for Passenger in TikTok Video

Woman in Taxi Insults Man for Leaning on Her, SA Feels for Passenger in TikTok Video

  • A TikTok video shows a heated moment two passengers had on public transport and it went viral
  • Online users on TikTok were fascinated by the video of some of the drama that went down in a full taxi
  • Netizens shared their opinions after they heard a woman viciously confronting another man using the taxi

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A woman in a taxi became a viral hit. Many people were floored as they heard the venom the woman directed towards a fellow passenger in a taxi.

TikTok video shows taxi drama
A TikTok video of a woman in a taxi insulting a man left many South Africans unimpressed. Image: @nombusok25
Source: UGC

The video of the woman received more than 80,000 likes. There were thousands of comments from people who expressed disbelief over how mean the lady was.

Woman berates man in taxi

In a TikTok video posted by @nombusok25, a woman in a taxi let out a barrage of insults towards another passenger. In the video, she was upset that a man had leaned on her and she did not hold back. The woman accused the man of not bathing and threatened to slap him. Watch the video below:

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Mzansi feels sorry for man in taxi

Many people felt that the man on the receiving end of the woman's insults did not deserve it. Some people compared the woman to Khanya, a cast member from The Ultimatum who was trending for being mean spirited.

Lesego Bogosing asked:

"Is this Khanya's mother?"

Max Love Scars II commented:

"He didn’t even lean on her, ushiswa iEngine eMomozini."

Heart wrote:

"The driver had one job, full acceleration then brake aphume nge windscreen."

Phile Mntungwa was touched:

"That boy didn't deserve that."

AYA added:

"This was so painful to watch, I hope that guy is okay wherever he is."

nozi696 said:

"Ya'll failed this guy, shame, it's sad."

❤️mazikeen wondered:

"Does she know what leaning means?"

CallherBee speculated:

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"That guy irritated her demons to a point were she couldn't pretend."

tumiii.xx was unimpressed:

"To think that this might be someone’s mother. I can only imagine the abuse her children have endured. Ngibuhlungu ngicabanga izingane."

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Briefly News previously reported that people were thoroughly entertained by two women at each other's throats while in a taxi. These ladies were taking each other to task after one touched the other.

Online users could not get over how mean the ladies were to each other. Peeps shared their thoughts about who was in the wrong during the fight.

Source: Briefly News

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