Woman Craving Wings Uses Tweezers to Pull Out R100 From Savings Money Box in Hilarious Video

Woman Craving Wings Uses Tweezers to Pull Out R100 From Savings Money Box in Hilarious Video

  • A South African woman shared a funny TikTok video showcasing her struggle to access money from her savings box
  • With a craving for chicken wings, she resorted to using tweezers to try and get money through the small opening
  • The video resonated with viewers who found humour in her determined efforts to get some cash

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A woman shared a hilarious TikTok video showcasing her struggle to access money from her money box
A woman went through the most trying to get cash out of her savings money box. Image: @laylarh_m
Source: TikTok

When the craving for some tasty chicken wings has got, it's got you.

Woman uses tweezers to get cash for wings

A TikTok video by Wendy (@wendy.laylarh.map) shows her struggling greatly to get money out of her money box, which she had been using to save cash.

In the clip, she's seen using tweezers to try and grab hold of a R200 banknote that was slightly visible through the small opening of the money box.

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The task proved a real mission until Wendy eventually got a R100 note out of the box, almost tearing it as the opening was so small.

"Taking out money from my savings because I'm craving wings," Wendy said in her post."

Watch the funny video below:

Mzansi in stitches at woman's money box struggles

The video sparked laughter and banter in the comments section as netizens responded to the woman's painstaking effort to get some money for chicken wings.

Ziyanda Msweli joked about Wendy's lack of discipline:

"Once you start doing that, there's no turning back ."

Pearl jokingly asked:

"All this effort for a bad decision?."

CallherBee shared similar struggles:

"Been trying to do this but mine threatens with taring up then I give up ."

noluthandodali hilariously confessed:

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"Opened mine with a can opener ."

tharhndoerhw was worried about the money tearing:

"Not me screaming "uzoydabula ikhiphe kahle"."

Ditshegofatso suggested a simpler method:

"Just open it at the back. It’s simple."

Woman shows off piggy bank with over R4k

In another story, Briefly News reported that a TikTokker posted a video showing a bottle covered in tape as she cuts it open to look at her savings, a plethora of notes and coins totalling about R4 400.

People commented, with many users discussing the difficulty of saving in an increasingly expensive world and commending the woman for her dedication.

Others praised the idea and vowed to use it to keep more for the upcoming year.

Source: Briefly News

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