"Brilliant": South Africans Amazed by AI-Powered Washing Machine Shared in Video

"Brilliant": South Africans Amazed by AI-Powered Washing Machine Shared in Video

  • A clip of a washing machine with Artificial intelligence tools left many South Africans speechless
  • The TikTok footage captured the attention of many, gathering loads of views along with thousands of likes and comments
  • Mzansi netizens reacted to the clip as they flooded the comments section, expressing their thoughts

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Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm and continues to wow people with its unique abilities.

A TikTok video shows a washing machine with AI tools, leaving viewers impressed.
A video showcases a washing machine powered by AI tools. Image: @lg.cape.town
Source: TikTok

SA reacts to a washing machine with AI costing R16k

The footage shared by @lg.cape.town on the video platform shows a washing machine in a store being sold at R16K. The machine comes with unique features such as Artificial intelligence (AI).

As the gentleman demonstrated in the video, he stated that an incredible part of the washing machine's creation is the AI tool. He went on to say that once one has placed their laundry, the AI feature will automatically choose the best washing motion for that particular material.

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He then showed off the steam cycle and revealed that individuals do not need to connect their geysers as it has a heating-up element that is used to heat the machine, which will, therefore, provide the steam.

At the end of the clip, he shared that the washing machine has a 10-year warranty and that one can download an extra washing cycle via the Thin@ app. The AI washing machine impressed Mzansi's online users, with one person cracking a joke in the comments.

"Almost thought I could download movies while the machine is on."

The machine can be purchased at Hirsch's.

Watch the video of the washing machine below:

Mzansi netizens cracked jokes in the comments

Although many people were impressed by the AI washing machine's fantasist tools, some could not help but crack jokes in the comments, saying:

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Marichelle Schonken said:

"Does it hang up the washing for you as well?"

MrBenz shared:

"I have this machine, and so far so good.. Very quiet also."

Rehana replied:

"Well damn! All it has to do is iron the clothes, too."

Winnie the poo was impressed:

"Wow, thank you for all the useful information."


"Do u need an internet connection?"

To which the gent responded by saying:

"The machine connects to your cellphone via Wifi."

IT'S_ MA_ simply said:

"Brilliant machine. Have One."

TikTokker shares affordable mini washing machines convenient for small loads

Briefly News previously reported Mzansi TikTokker @bunei_ken plugged social media users into a small and convenient washing machine she purchased for just R1 506.

In a video, she showed how the newly bought washing machine works by placing a few clothing items inside and powering it on. In the post, she also shared that it helps save water and is ideal for washing newborn clothes.

Source: Briefly News

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