Gate Gone Wild: Man Hilariously Struggles to Enter Workplace, Moment Captured in Video

Gate Gone Wild: Man Hilariously Struggles to Enter Workplace, Moment Captured in Video

  • A gentleman was met with the unexpected when he arrived at a malfunctioning gate at work
  • The gate kept on sliding up and down, not properly opening for the man to drive through
  • The online community reacted to the video, with many finding the situation hilariously funny

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A gent was hilariously faced with a malfunctioning gate at work.
A man struggled to enter his workplace due to a malfunctioning gate: @phumingoepe
Source: UGC

A gentleman was faced with a hilarious challenge when he got to work. The gate did not want to open.

TikTok user @phumingoepe uploaded a video showing how his morning started at work. In the clip, he can be seen arriving at work with his ride. However, he was met with a malfunctioning gate.

The gate kept on sliding up and down, not fully opening so that his car could go through. The gent was frustrated and ended up getting out of his car and stood by the door as the gate malfunctioned. The person capturing the clip was busting with laughter.

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"I can't believe this happened to me this morning."

Man met with malfunctioning gate at work

Watch the funny TikTok video below:

TikTokkers laughed at the video

The video garnered over 400k views, with many online users finding the situation hilariously funny.

@DesireeOrganics 079♥️788♥️5453 wrote:

"The way I have short temper, was going to return back home."

@m a a’ m . expressed:

"I’d simply go home . I have a small heart."

@Lebo laughed:

"It was a sign that you were supposed to go back home, you ignored it."

@Lethu_Mntungwa said:

"With my short temper I'd leave the car outside the gateand walk in just to see who's gonna be the last one laughing now ."

Father hilariously calls his kid an automatic gate-opener

In another story, Briefly News reported about a dad who called his son his automatic gate opener.

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@the.adriaan.gerber posted the clip on TikTok, and Mzansi's parents were quick to chime in with what their kids were like. The supposed "automatic gate opener" wasn't too pleased with the task given to him and wasn't eager to open it in the slightest. The clip also brought some memories of South African peep's childhood.

Source: Briefly News

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