“Today’s Relationships Are Based on Money Not Love”: Woman Asks Bae R10K for Hair and Nails

“Today’s Relationships Are Based on Money Not Love”: Woman Asks Bae R10K for Hair and Nails

  • A woman on TikTok claimed that R5K is not enough for hair and nails 
  • The lady named Lerato Mthethwa made it clear that she was high maintenance when she mentioned that R10K is not enough for hair and nails 
  • Netizens were amazed by the lady’s high demands and asked if she would pay for her boyfriend’s haircut

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Being a woman is incredibly expensive because of the maintenance.

Hun wants more money from boyfriend
A Mzansi has announced that R10k is not enough for hair and nails. Image: @lerator_m
Source: TikTok

A woman’s maintenance is setting aside a day to pamper herself at the spa, get her nails done, chill at the hair salon, and do a little retail therapy.

Hair and nails cost over R10K in Mzansi

Lerato Mthethwa sparked controversy on TikTok when she announced how much she wanted from a man for a maintenance day. Mthethwa posted a skit on her TikTok where she imitated a voiceover of a woman who seemed uninterested in a man.

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Mthethwa was displeased by the R5K her staged boyfriend gave her for her nails and hair. The lady captioned her clip:

“Ladies please tell him 10K for nails alone, I need more money”

Watch the video below:

Dating rich men in Mzansi

Women enjoy being in relationships where men are providers. This makes a woman’s life much easier than it was.

Although the woman’s maintenance is ridiculously pricey, women in the comments wanted some tips to cough up the courage to ask their men for money:

@MaGumede shared her struggles:

"That time I don’t even get 200."

@Keletso announced that he is not the target market:

"Damn my whole salary."

@MaMnisiii has found her bae:

"I’m glad I’m now with a guy who gives me without asking."

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@Buhleomhle no longer wants to be seen as Ms Independent:

"I need a formula of knowing how to be given money coz wow, if kuthiwa INDEPENDENT that one is me."

@marshaliine is in need of a blesser:

"Where do we get these guys that gives 5k for hair and nails?"

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