TikTok Video of Bridal Party’s Fashion Blooper Triggers Uproar and Laughter: “Dressmaker Is Fired”

TikTok Video of Bridal Party’s Fashion Blooper Triggers Uproar and Laughter: “Dressmaker Is Fired”

  • A bridal shower became an unexpected TikTok hit as the bride and bridesmaids decided to go retro
  • The ladies rocked old-fashioned and oversized bridal clothes and they celebrated the upcoming wedding
  • The daring fashion choices of the bridal party didn't go unnoticed, as the fashion police popped up from the digital crowd
A bride danced with her bridemaids
A video displaying a bridal shower in Limpopo went viral on TikTok. Image: @delux_beauty_hub
Source: TikTok

A bridal shower grabbed netizens' attention when the bride and bridesmaids decided to wear retro bridal clothes.

Retro bridal outfits criticised

The fashion spectacle became a hit, with the ladies dancing carefree, unaware of the virtual storm they were about to create.

The fashion police refused to let the blunder slide. Viewers jokingly called for the firing of the dressmaker and criticised the oversized wedding dress and the vibrant pink and mustard ensembles.

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Bridal shower TikTok video gains traction

More than 159,00 people tuned in to witness the fashion faux pas of the clip posted by @delux_beauty_hub and pressed the like button.

Watch the video below:

TikTok users rate colourful bridal outfits

The comments section transformed into a playground of playful banter from hundreds of TikTok users.

@PortiaMakumula stated:

"Di night dress tsa winter."

@babypelo2022 posted:

"Yho aowa bathong Limpopo yona. It's giving Zimbabwe."

@Tertia wrote:

"This is how bridal showers were back in the day. All the women in the neighbourhood would play wedding also known to confuse the enemy."

@MissK commented:

"The dressmaker is fired."

2Pertunia Nunuzana mentioned:

"I know the bride ba tjwa Ga Nkoana."

@Lizzy Brown said:

"The stain on the dress hell no!"

@TshegofatjoAphane added:

"Designer ke le intern."

Reabetswe Riri commented:

"With Adidas slides though."

@Keo shared:

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"The bridesmaids dresses remind me of those toilet covers."

Lady with albinism hosts 6 women at bridal shower

In another article, Briefly News reported that a Nigerian lady did what may be considered a break from the norm after she used six women with albinism for her bridal shower.

Pictures from the bridal shower of the unidentified lady were shared by Adaeze Daniella Abigail on the Rant HQ Facebook group as she marvelled over them. The bride, who also lives with albinism, stood out as she wore a white robe, while the other ladies wore blue robes.

Source: Briefly News

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