American Snake Handler Displays “Rainbow” Reticulated Python, Amazing Video Gets 3 Million Views

American Snake Handler Displays “Rainbow” Reticulated Python, Amazing Video Gets 3 Million Views

  • A snake handler takes TikTok by storm with a mesmerising display of a "rainbow" reticulated python
  • The guy's slithery friend is seen in a video adorned with striking hues of blue, green, grey, and yellow
  • The captivating footage garnered a whopping 3.4 million views on the platform and left netizens fascinated
TikTok users were stunned by a reticulated python
A reticulated python with multiple colours wowed social media users. Image: Stock photos
Source: Getty Images

A snake handler revealed the breathtaking beauty of a reticulated python. He showcased the reptile's stunning colours in vivid detail.

Man shows off enchanting python

As the python lay gracefully before the man, its scales shimmered with a dazzling array of blue, green, grey, and yellow hues.

The video posted by @jayprehistoricpets grabbed the attention of millions. Viewers were fascinated by the serpent's beauty, although some were unnerved.

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Video evokes mixed reactions

As the video spread across the platform, it started lively discussions among netizens. They raved about nature and its enchanting creatures.

Watch the video below:

Read a few comments below:

@user4137622572247 said:

"Bese iyamudla kube ngathi iyamsukela."

@MaxOkechukwu wrote:

"OMG that snake is absolutely beautiful but on the other hand, am not getting close."

@SinthiaAruljothy mentioned:

"That is God's beautiful creation, python. Greetings from Malaysia."

@Sab stated:

"Bring it in Zimbabwe. You will be popular within a few hours."

@smellyellie19 posted:

"Beautiful. Olive pythons do the same!"

@n.i.y.a.a.n.d.h.e.e.r.e commented:

"That snake is so beautiful."

@NzaliMntshilo typed:

"Have never seen such a colour, I don't know if it's nice because I'm scared of snakes."

@NdongaMpilo shared:

"I find this python's colour very beautiful and unique. Maybe I'm ready to own one as my mamlambo."

Australian snake found in laundry basket

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In another article, Briefly News reported that Australian reptiles are at it again; this time, a snake was found inside the house among the clothes.

The homeowner found the slithery mate snugly related in the clothing basket, and the caption cautioned people to keep their eyes peeled while in Aussie. Netizens made it a point to avoid visiting the country of kangaroos because of their misbehaving wildlife.

Source: Briefly News

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