Township Dog Spotted on a Mission While Carrying a Wine Box, Video Leaves Mzansi Dead With Laughter

Township Dog Spotted on a Mission While Carrying a Wine Box, Video Leaves Mzansi Dead With Laughter

  • A video of a kasi dog strolling casually through the streets while carrying a wine box became an online hit
  • Thousands of Mzansi people were stunned by the animal taking on the role of a wine courier in the township
  • Viewers reacted with amusement and celebrated the special and quirky traits of township dogs
South Africans were entertained by a kasi dog's shenanigans
A video of a township dog carrying wine became a viral hit. Image: Stock photos
Source: Getty Images

Wow, township dogs are a special breed. One was spotted strutting the streets with a wine box in tow.

Dog video clocks 746k views

The four-legged friend looking like a seasoned courier turned heads and raised eyebrows. The unexpected yet funny TikTok video shared by @adog3806 garnered 746,000 views.

Uniqueness of township dogs

South Africans on the platform were entertained by the furry animal's antics. They joked that kasi dogs are in their own league.

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Watch the video below:

Mzansi discusses animal clip

Whether the dog was sent on a mission by its owner remains a mystery. But it didn't stop viewers from speculating about the unusual sighting.

See some of the comments below:

@the_good_gent_101 said:

"Am I missing something here? Siqale nini ukuthuma izinja utshwala?

@halalanobaza stated:

"Whose dog is this? Ithunyiwe ngeke. "

@misssharifah4 posted:

"Welcome to South Africa where even the dogs are stressed out. "

@Boledi wrote:

"My dog must see what other dogs are doing for their owners. "

@tumeloeric2 mentioned:

"Where do they breed this kind of dog? It's a need."

@CameronFernandez joked:

"I showed this to my dog and told him to look what other people's dogs are doing. He just barked."

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@kaylo69 commented:

"He got plans for the weekend. "

@Faya01gp added:

"You can see that's a full box of wine. Give that dog a Bells."

Kasi dog chilling on the roof

In a similar article, Briefly News reported that a TikTok video of a kasi dog chilling on a roof made South African online users laugh.

A TikTok user uploaded a video showing a bright and sunny day. The weather was perfect for a relaxing day at the beach. However, one kasi dog had a different idea, it decided to enjoy the beautiful weather in its own way.

Source: Briefly News

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