Woman Shares Hilarious Conversations With Her Strict Dad Fed Up With Her Late Nights Out

Woman Shares Hilarious Conversations With Her Strict Dad Fed Up With Her Late Nights Out

  • One lady took to social media to show off various conversations with her father, who is tired of her ways
  • The TikTok video gained massive attention online and received many views, likes and comments
  • People were amused by her clip as they rushed to the comments section to crack jokes, while others simply laughed it off
  • Briefly News spoke to a lay counsellor and emotional support expert, Astrid Daries, on the impacts that strict parents have on their children and how it affects them in the future

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A woman unveiled her various conversations with her dad, and the video went viral online, leaving many in stitches.

A TikTok video shows a woman unveiling her conversations with her dad, fed up with her late nights out.
A lady shared hilarious conversations with her father, who is fed up with her late nights out, in a TikTok video. Image: @oratile_mor
Source: Instagram

Woman shows how her dad is tired of her being on the streets

One strict father was not having it with his daughter's shenanigans and was highly fed up with it. The young lady, who goes by the TikTok handle @oratile_mor, shared a screengrab of her various conversations with her dad on the video platform.

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The stunner's father asked her to return home around 9 p.m., and she replied by saying she was waiting for "Taaljard." However, the dad still insisted that she return home because it was late. As the video continued, @oratile_mor's father asked her yet again to go back home as he was "worried about car thefts." He also stated that he would "open a criminal charge" against her.

In one of the conversations with her father, @oratile_mor's dad said he dislikes it when his daughter is around because she always returns home late.

Take a look at the video.

The impact of strict parenting on children

While speaking to Briefly News, Astrid Daries stated that children with more controlling and strict parents are more prone to experience "mental health problems like anxiety, sadness and low self-esteem."

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"Daughters with strict parents tend to have distorted beliefs and can be very self-critical. Children often rebel against their parents and other authority figures, such as police officers or teachers. They perceive this rebellion as an act of independence and a way to achieve the freedom they have always desired," she explained.

The lay counsellor and emotional support expert went on to say that young people may begin drinking and smoking as a form of rebellion, which can eventually cause significant problems with addiction and dependency.

"Some individuals have mentioned that experiencing even a slight bit of freedom as an adult has caused them to spiral out of control, harming their physical well-being and mental health," she adds.
"As they grow older, daughters with strict father figures may latch onto behaviours they believe are loving but could actually be toxic. For example, a woman who has had a strict and controlling upbringing might feel that obedience equals love. In cases of gender-based violence (GBV), such women might believe they did something "wrong" to warrant such behaviour, leading them to stay in toxic and abusive relationships."

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Being too strict leads to children becoming "compulsive liars, thinking “the truth wouldn’t do anything for them.” They also tend to suffer from "self-doubt, leading to chronic fatigue or burnout as they feel the need to do the right thing to keep their parents happy."

Astrid notes that although being a strict parent has many negative impacts on the child's mental and physical health, it can also have positive aspects, such as children becoming "socially responsible."

"These individuals strive for discipline and success due to the values instilled during their upbringing. Some have mentioned that they didn’t enjoy the strict environment while growing up; however, as adults, they recognise the benefits it has had on their overall success and well-being," she said

Mzansi weigh on the woman's clip

The footage grabbed the attention of many people online and gathered over 90K views, along with thousands of likes and comments. The lady's video amused many as they flocked to the comments section to express their thoughts while others cracked jokes.

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Pearl Nyathi was amused:

"I died when I saw criminal case."

RachaelStevens was in awe of the father-daughter relationship:

"This is kinda cute, always wants to make sure you’re safe.. he’s dramatic, though."

Cai added:

"You are really suffering."

Karabo commented:

"Your dad is my favourite person; the criminal case for a remote is making me weak."

Nene shared:

"That's both my parents, but my mom is worse; she's just like your dad; 8 pm is too late in the night to be outside."

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