“That’s Love”: Daughter Cooks Long-Distance Truck Driver Father’s Favourite Meal Before Leaving Town

“That’s Love”: Daughter Cooks Long-Distance Truck Driver Father’s Favourite Meal Before Leaving Town

  • The daughter of a long-distance driver trucker shared that she cooked her father his favourite meal before he left
  • The woman does not disclose what she made for her father to eat in the heartwarming viral video
  • A chef spoke to Briefly News about filling meals for long drives and how long cooked meals can stay outside a fridge
Truck driver father hugs his daughter before leaving.
A long-distance truck driver father and his daughter embraced each other before they parted ways. Images: @netfit8 / TikTok, IvanSpasic / Getty Images
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A daughter showed her unwavering love for her long-distance truck driver father when she fixed him one of his favourite meals before he hit the road again.

In a heartwarming video uploaded on TikTok by the account @netfit8, a self-proclaimed daddy's girl shared the moment she said farewell to her father before sorting him out with his dish of choice.

The woman's touching video went viral on the popular social media platform, receiving well over half a million views.

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Watch the video below:

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Netizens get emotional over dad and daughter's bond

The captured moment between the woman and her father melted hearts in the comment section. While some were in awe of their bond, others shared their experiences with and wishes for their fathers.

@mashaya_sa shared their appreciativeness:

"I always drop off home-cooked meals at his pit stop whenever he's around. I highly appreciate the man's efforts and the fact that he risks his life daily to provide for his family."

Providing the woman with assurance, @martinvilakazi commented:

"I'm sure your daddy will have a safe journey knowing he is loved at home and cared for by his family."

@blaqsam7 shared what they saw in the video:

"That is love right there, man. No bond is bigger than a father's with his baby girl."

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Sharing what their father does when it comes to meals, @katlegoevelyn12 humorously wrote:

"Mine just makes bread and butter and doesn't even bother putting it in a lunch box."

Chef advises on cooked meals for long distances

Jason Daniels, a chef at Cape Grace, shared with Briefly News the types of meals that are sure to keep a person filled, especially for long-distance drives.

He listed home-cooked meals such as lasagna, cottage pie, beef or chicken stew, pasta, and lentil curry as dishes that will keep the belly smiling for a significant period.

Because the woman's father will be on the road for a while, Jason also explained how long cooked meals can stay out of a fridge:

"Technically, cooked meals can be outside the fridge for two hours at room temperature. Once food reaches between eight and 63 degrees Celsius, it is considered the danger zone, as it allows bacteria to grow. However, it also depends on the room temperature inside and outside."

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Dad tearfully gifts daughter new car

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The video showed a vehicle parked inside a garage with family members rejoicing before the footage switched to show a young woman embracing her father without letting go. The father can also be seen covering his eyes with a towel as he fights back tears.

Source: Briefly News

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