Father Daughter Relationship Strengthened by Golden Humour

Father Daughter Relationship Strengthened by Golden Humour

  • A woman on TikTok treated the internet with a precious gift of humour by sharing WhatsApp texts between herself and her father
  • The internet gagged at the father’s classic responses to some of her daughter’s requests and sincere messages
  • The internet could not resist the chance to laugh their lungs out at the woman’s very unique relationship with her father
  • Briefly News spoke to relationship expert Shelley Lewin on the impact a present father has in their child's life

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A woman on TikTok treated Mzansi to a good laugh after sharing her WhatsApp texts with her father online.

Father daughter moment captured
A woman on TikTok shared a cute father-daughter moment in a clip filled with their WhatsApp texts. Image: @Imaoariell
Source: Instagram

The woman, @Imaoariell, shared 15 hilarious screenshots of her and her father’s WhatsApp conversations on her TikTok

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Father daughter love

A woman on TikTok showcased her special bond with her dad in a TikTok slideshow where she shared 15 screenshots of their hilarious WhatsApp chats. The duo’s bond is beautiful as you read through their cute and funny conversations.

In one of the screenshots, the lady reported that a lizard in her room invaded her, but her father left her on read. Another one is when she greeted her dad:

“Hi daddy dearest.”
“Ah but dad. I haven’t even said anything.”
“I don’t have money yet!”
“But why?”

The two exchanged the most interesting words, which somehow makmadeeir relationship cute and special. The duo has a golden comic gift that they bond over.

Watch video here.

Relationship expert shares the importance of a present father

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Shelley Lewin- The Relationship Architect- couple counsellor, leadership coach and author of Uncomplicated Love, shared how impactful a father's presence is.

"Fathers and father figures play a crucial role in shaping how we view and engage in romantic relationships. They can provide a foundation for healthy interactions and set expectations for how we should be treated. The quality of the relationship with a father figure influences our self-esteem, emotional regulation, and the types of partners we seek, ultimately shaping our romantic experiences."

She also highlighted that it helps people navigate other relationships.

"A father who is supportive and affirming helps build self-esteem. When you feel valued and loved by a father figure, it reinforces your sense of worth.This security allows one to set healthy boundaries and have higher standards for how they are treated. Growing up with a father who was often in conflict or was abusive can lead to seeking out similar dynamics in romantic relationships. This happens because the familiar, even if negative, feels safer and more predictable than the unknown.'"

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Laughter is the best medicine

The video posted only 15 hours ago already attracted 40K views and gathered 3548 likes, 63 comments and 160 saves. The clip left everyone floored by the duo’s silly conversations, but what shocked netizens was the fact that the little princess had a present father:

@… Was shocked by the revelation of a father-daughter relationship:

“We laugh with you guys all the while you have fathers."

@namu loved the post so much that she had to search for her dad:

“I looked at my dad’s blocked number and sighed.”

@masegonyai shared a memory of his father:

“Dang, since my dad said he’s going to buy milk, he hasn’t came back yet. I love you and your dad’s relationship.”

A father's love

Briefly News shared a story about a young lady who took to social media to unveil her chats between her and her lovely daddy, who only chats in a corporate manner. The footage captivated the attention of many people online, generating many views, likes and comments.

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Online users loved the pair's ways of interacting, taking to the comments section to gush over their adorable relationship. The adorable pair communicates corporately, and what impressed many is how @amanda.__maria's dad expresses himself to his daughter while catering to her needs.

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