Heartwarming Moment: Woman Thanks Family Dog for Love and Protection

Heartwarming Moment: Woman Thanks Family Dog for Love and Protection

  • A woman took time to show appreciation to the family dog, thanking it for the love and protection
  • The lady was sitting comfortably on a sofa with the dog adorably laying on its back next to her
  • The online community reacted to the clip, with many loving and feeling proud of how the mother showed care for the pet

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A woman showed gratitude to the family's dog, leaving netizens feeling envious.
A woman shared a heartwarming moment with the family's dog. Images: @snazoqwabe
Source: TikTok

A mother was captured in a video adorably playing with the family dog. The woman showed love to the pet.

In a TikTok clip uploaded by Snazo Qwabe (@snazoqwabe), the mom can be seen sitting in the comfort of her home on the sofa. The dog was laying on its back on the sofa enjoying the woman's touch.

The mom can be heard speaking to the dog while she is brushing it, thanking it for the love and protection it has given the family. She said the dog was reliable. The TikTokker said that she loves her dog but her mother takes the cake.

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"If you think im obsessed with my dogs mom takes the cake."

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Woman shows gratitude to family dog

Watch the TikTok adorable video below:

Netizens loved the video

The video garnered over 500k views, with many online users loving how the family appreciate its pet.

@Bahle Ndlalane loved:

"Words of affirmation ."

@pabi_cooper wondered:

"Why is the dog sitting like that❤️."

@Rae Rae commented:

"And the min your dad walks through the door the dog gets off the couch and goes outside ."

@Tatiana Octavia Madlabane said:

"This dog gets more reassurance and affirmation than I ever have in my 26 years of existence."

@Dimpho adored:

"This is so cute ."

@Moira-lee Apples joked:

"Taking notes doing this to my husband tonight ✌️."

Woman puts dog on her back so she can clean

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In another story, Briefly News reported about a dog owner who wrapped her dog on her back.

The young woman could not do her house chores and decided that the best thing would be to carry her dog as if it were a baby. Netizens tried to figure out what was happening in the dog's mind because of its facial reaction to being restricted suddenly.

Source: Briefly News

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