SA Woman Shares TikTok Video Landing Dream Job After Year of Unemployment: "God's Timing is Perfect"

SA Woman Shares TikTok Video Landing Dream Job After Year of Unemployment: "God's Timing is Perfect"

  • A South African woman, Simamkele Mhlinzi, took to social media to share her joy of securing a job
  • A TikTok video shows Simamkele's job offer via email before showing her receiving her work equipment
  • In an exclusive comment, Simamkele told Briefly News about the pressures of being a breadwinner and overcoming unemployment
  • Simamkele opened up about being unemployed for a year and motivated others to trust in God's timing
woman lands job
A woman credited God for landing a better job than she one had previously before being unemployed for a year. Image: @simamkelemhlinzi
Source: TikTok

After struggling to find and secure a solid work opportunity, one young Mzansi woman was overflowing with happiness when she finally landed a job.

Job seeker's prayers answered

Simamkele Mhlinzi posted a TikTok video showing an email with her job offer from a company she had applied to.

The footage goes on to show her sporting a big smile as she receives a delivery box filled with work equipment and devices for her to use for work.

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Simamkele shared a few touching words in the hope of uplifting others who were still on their job search:

"I'm doing this to encourage those who are still looking for a job. As hard as it may be, but don't lose hope. God is never late nor early but is always right on time.
"After one year of being unemployed, I got an interview for a different post within the same company, but I did not get those posts, everyone was shocked because we all believed that I was the right applicant, but God said to seek me first, and everything else shall follow."

Simamkele speaks to Briefly News about unemployment jouney

The young woman who hails from Mdantsane in East London, spoke to Briefly News about her journey which started when she made the decision to move to Johannesburg in April 2020 to look for better work opportunities.

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The Walter Sisulu University graduate worked several jobs before resigning from a call centre job for personal reasons, leading to her period of unemployment.

"As a breadwinner back at home, I had to find ways of making money. That’s how I became a personal shopper. I would charge people a certain fee for buying them things they wanted such as wigs, clothing, homeware and so forth.
"I continued applying for jobs and being rejected which was quite a draining experience, but because I had goals for my life I had to keep on going and thanks to my mom, whom we would pray at a certain time every day, I then had the strength to keep on moving and believing that God would deliver me," Simamkele shared.

Thankfully, her faith, family and friends kept Simamkele going, and it wasn't long before her prayers were answered.

"Just when I was about to close my birthday month, God blessed me with a permanent job which I am forever grateful for as he never left me. God saw my heart and my situation, and he changed my situation hence the video."

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Mzansi relates to the job scarcity struggle

The post resonated with many unemployed South Africans who responded with their experiences of struggling to find a job as well as interest in Simamkele's company.

snemzi_24 asked:

"ikuphi lana?"

IamGugulethu said:

"Congratulations mami what are the shifts like?"

Mims replied:

"How I wish it was me I'm tired of applying God knows . Congratulations are in order. It's hard."

Yvonne Memela commented:

"I lost hope already it's so scary to know that whenever u apply for a job you'll be rejected, it gives too much fear shame."

LeleMalunga asked:

"Hi sis, Did you pay for the delivery of your work equipment?"

Nomthandazo Sibisi replied:

"Congratulations mtasekhaya ❤️❤️got so many rejection emails today , my heart is bleeding angikho right ."

Man finally lands job after multiple rejections

In another story, Briefly News reported about a man who landed a job after struggling to find one for a long time.

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Source: Briefly News

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