Video of 64-Year-Old Fitness Guru Inspires Many People: “My Jaw Dropped”

Video of 64-Year-Old Fitness Guru Inspires Many People: “My Jaw Dropped”

  • A fit and healthy 64-year-old woman is inspiring many people on social media with her workout videos
  • The strong woman looks youthful and beautiful and advocates for healthy living and exercise
  • Briefly News also reached out to a Cape Town dietician, who shared some tips for people who are looking to lose weight

A fit and incredibly stunning 64-year-old has impressed social media users with her workout regime.

A 64-year-old fit woman impressed many with her workout videos on Instagram
Dr Elizabeth Lambaer is a fitness enthusiast. Image: Dr Elizabeth Lambaer/Instagram.
Source: Instagram

The woman may be older but looks youthful, strong, and full of life. Dr Elizabeth Lambaer is a best-selling author, life coach, fitness enthusiast, and more, with her videos inspiring many people.

Videos of fit woman wow

In one of her videos, the woman explained that while the mass media may suggest that life stops after 30, she’s been living her best life, and enjoys every second.

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Here is one of her clips, posted on Instagram:

Many people felt motivated by the tough woman and left kind remarks about her fitness, beauty, and determination in the comment section:

sankett_1997 complimented the fit woman:

“Fitness level 101%.” said:

“I just wish I loved to work out like this awesome lady.”

Katelysek reacted:

“I want to be like you when I grow up.”

Sogolbujaran was impressed:

“My jaw drops each time.”

_onceinamoon wrote:

“Wow, so beautiful I love how happy and youthful you look. This is so motivational.”

bombchell777 added:

“Definitely a yes, and I’m your cheerleader.”

Dietician talks fitness

Briefly News’ Women Empowerment Editor also reached out to Carey Seady, a Cape Town dietician who offered a few tips for people who want to be healthier.

Seady notes that cutting out refined sugars and taking one’s fitness journey one step at a time is a great start:

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"Try to commit yourself to being more physically active by choosing activities that you enjoy. Try to get between 45 to 60 minutes of exercise five times per week.”

Woman has drastic weight loss within 5 days

Briefly News previously reported that a Mzansi woman's weight loss post got a lot of engagement on Twitter. The lady with the handle @LetoabaRosemary is sharing her journey of losing weight and is inspiring people.

She shared a picture of a scale showing that she dropped 4.4 kg in five days, and after a few days, she posted two pictures of her body showing how she was "melting like butter".

Source: Briefly News

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