Woman, 21, Lands 6-Figure Job Without Obtaining a Degree, Mzansi Intrigued

Woman, 21, Lands 6-Figure Job Without Obtaining a Degree, Mzansi Intrigued

  • A 21-year-old woman on TikTok shared that she got a job opportunity without completing her studies and obtaining her degree
  • After applying for almost 250 job posts on several job search sites, the young lady finally struck gold at a tech recruitment company
  • Social media users headed towards the women's comment section to send her congratulatory messages and questions about her success

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Black woman smiling casual and professional
A woman, aged 21, shared that she secured a job without having a degree. Images: @amanilaylor/TikTok, Amani Manaka/LinkedIn
Source: UGC

A 21-year-old woman shared with the online community that she successfully landed a six-figure job opportunity without having a degree attached to her name.

The fortunate young woman, Amani Manaka, shared her story on TikTok.

Amani lands job with no degree

Posting a few screenshots of her journey to employment, Amani first revealed that she could not return to her tertiary education studies to complete her degree. Not letting that hold her back, she applied for several jobs. However, she was unsuccessful.

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After applying to roughly 250 job posts between January and March, Amani states she finally landed a job at a London-based tech recruitment company. She also notes that the company was hiring individuals without experience to train for the position.

Screenshots of conversation via email and WhatsApp
Amani Manaka was determined to land a job for herself. Images: @amanilaylor/TikTok
Source: TikTok

The newly-employed Amani was then flown to Cape Town to begin her two-week, in-person training sessions at the company's South African offices. She wrote on TikTok:

"I was so excited to fly again. This was my second time flying but the first time flying solo."

See Amani's journey to landing a six-figure job here.

Social media users congratulate the woman on her new job

TikTokkers flooded Amani's comment section with congratulatory messages. Many others also asked the tech recruiter to provide more details on how she landed the job.

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@milslamar shared with Amani:

"One thing about our Father is that He’ll show off, sana! I’m so happy for you and I’m proud of you for trusting and waiting on Him."

@bhadiebeee_ took to the comment section and wrote:

"You're so deserving. Congratulations, stranger."

Hoping for the best for their future, @vanessatoyakamathunjwa commented:

"I manifest this will be me posting before April 2024 ends."

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