2024 General Elections: Democratic Alliance Allegedly Considers Coalition with ANC

2024 General Elections: Democratic Alliance Allegedly Considers Coalition with ANC

  • The Democratic Alliance did an about-turn and allegedly expressed the possibility of joining forces with its bitter rivals, the African National Congress
  • The DA's Federal Chair, Helen Zille, reportedly said that a coalition with the ruling party is not an impossibility
  • South Africans had mixed reactions: some believed the coalition would benefit the country, while others thought it was a bad idea

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The Democratic Alliance is allegedly leaving the door open for a coalition
The DA allegedly keeps the possibility of a coalition with the ANC in the hat. Images: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg via Getty Images and Chris McGrath/Getty Images
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JOHANNESBURG – The Democratic Alliance may be considering joining hands with long-time political rivals, the African National Congress.

DA-ANC coalition not impossible: Zille

According to SundayWorld, Federal Chair Helen Zille allegedly said the possibility of a coalition with the ANC is not out of the ballpark, as it would not win the elections with a majority. The DA, the official opposition for over 20 years, formed the Multi-Party Charter alongside other parties to bolster its chances of gaining the upper hand against the ANC during the elections.

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Central to the Multi-Party Charter is the agreement that neither political party involved in the MPC would enter into a coalition government with the ANC. However, reports of scandals rocked the Multi-Party Charter.

South Africans discuss possible ANC-DA coalition

Facebook users considered the possibility that the country's top two political parties may join forces.

Elias Kobo said:

"There must be a coalition government so that the ANC's harmful dominance ends. In such a government, corruption will likely become minimal and accountability higher."

Pangela emabalabala said:

"DA and ANC are the same WhatsApp group. They deserve each other."

Eleanor Poulter said:

"The Moonshot Pact is dead in the water because the DA wants to call the shots. The Multi-Party Charter is better, but the DA must watch its step and not try to take control."

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PW Seemane said:

"ANC and DA deserve each other. They both don't care about black people. We only matter when it's elections time."

Mary Elizabeth Van Wyk said:

"This is absolute tripe."

Analyst discusses coalition possibility if ANC wins by less than 50%

In a similar article, Briefly News reported that Stellenbosch University's director of the School of Public Leadership, Professor Zwelinzima Ndevu, discussed the possibility of a coalition.

He told Briefly News that if the ANC wins, it will not win by a majority and will be compelled to create a coalition government.

Source: Briefly News

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