2024 General Elections: Analyst Discusses Possible Coalition if ANC Wins by Less Than 50% Majority

2024 General Elections: Analyst Discusses Possible Coalition if ANC Wins by Less Than 50% Majority

  • The African National Congress could win the election with under 50% of the vote, meaning it would not be a majority victory
  • In the event of such an outcome, the ruling party could enter into a coalition with other parties with similar goals
  • Briefly News spoke to Stellenbosch University's Director of the School of Public Leadership, Professor Zwelinzima Ndevu, who gave his views on possible elections

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Tebogo Mokwena, a Briefly News current affairs journalist in Johannesburg, South Africa, has covered policy changes, the State of the Nation Address, politician-related news and elections at Daily Sun and Vutivi Business News for over seven years.

The ANC could win the elections without a majority, forcing them into a coalition
Professor Ndevu discussed the possibilities of the ANC winning with under 50%. Images: Per-Anders Pettersson/Getty Images
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JOHANNESBURG—South Africa's seventh general election since 1994 is edging nearer by the day, and the possibility that the ruling party, the African National Congress, may not win with a majority is not far off. Briefly News spoke to Professor Zwelinzima Ndevu, Stellenbosch University's Director of the School of Public Leadership, about the ANC's possible coalition partners.

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ANC could go into coalition: Stellenbosch professor

Briefly News spoke to Professor Ndevu after ANC's president Cyril Ramaphosa expressed confidence that he could return for a second term. Ndevu said it is possible that the ANC could struggle to get a majority.

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"Recent polls from IPSOS and other like-minded organisations have indicated that the African National Congress will struggle to get a majority in the elections," he said.
"Most people are predicting anything below 50%. Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal would likely be the most difficult provinces for them all. Ramaphosa is likely to return to the Union Buildings, but without a clear majority, weakening his ability to implement wholesale reforms."

Who will it go into coalition with?

Ndevu gave his view on who the ANC could go into a coalition with.

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"The likely party to go into coalition with the ANC is the EFF, as there are n ideological differences, and the benefits are that it will help the ANC take Gauteng and KZN over," he said."

MKP gunning for a two-thirds majority in upcoming general elections

In a similar article, Briefly News reported that the MK Party was gunning for a two-thirds majority.

Former president Jacob Zuma announced that he wanted the party to get the majority of votes to implement the changes it wanted for the country.

Source: Briefly News

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