African National Congress’s Alliance Partners COSATU, SACP Oppose DA in GNU

African National Congress’s Alliance Partners COSATU, SACP Oppose DA in GNU

  • The African National Congress's tripartite alliance partners, the Congress of South African Trade Unions and the South African Communist Party are not happy with the ANC
  • The SACP and COSATU objected to the ANC's partnership with the Democratic Alliance in the government of national unity
  • South Africans supported the tripartite alliance partners and also denounced the GNU

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The ANC's partners Cosatu and the SACP are not happy with the DA alliance
Cosatu and the SACP took the ANC to task for its DA coalition. Image: Rodger Bosch/AFP via Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

JOHANNESBURG – The African National Congress's tripartite alliance partners are displeased with the ANC's government of national unity.

Tripartite alliance partners against DA partnership

According to SABC News, the partners held a meeting with the ANC last week before the National Assembly elected a new president to discuss the government of national unity. The partners were against any relationship formed with the Democratic Alliance and the MK Party, led by former president Jacob Zuma.

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The SACP still needs to conclude its stance on the government of national unity. The SACP spokesperson said the party clarified that it opposed a coalition with the DA. He said the party campaigned for the National Insurance Health against state capture and demanded accountability against corruption.

Conversely, Cosatu is concerned about ANC's treatment of workers. The spokesperson said the GNU must accelerate its focus on crime and corruption, grow the economy and create decent jobs. Cosatu is also concerned about the DA's aim to replace the minimum wage as per its manifesto. View the video here:

South Africans support COSATU, SACP

Netizens commenting on Facebook stood with Cosatu and the SACP.

Gomolemo Serathi said:

"A rerun of the elections can be the only solution for this problem."

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Zipo Ngcobo said:

"Ramaphosa is finishing the ANC in his last term in the office."

Velocity Meme said:

"Don't call it a GNU. It's a DA and Ramaphosa coalition."

Sipho Thebelihle Mashiya said:

"ANC is treating them like its stepchildren."

Others disagreed with them

Comfort Scara Mashabela said:

"Solly Mapaila can go join the MK. It's fine. We've always known he is an MK member."

Donald Mahlatse Lephalala said:

"Cosatu must fight for workers and stop politics or be a political party."

Cosatu calls on government to save Post Office workers' jobs

In a similar article, Briefly News reported that Cosatu urged the government to spare the jobs of Post Office workers.

This was after thousands of workers received retrenchment letters, prompting a planned march by Cosatu to the National Treasury.

Source: Briefly News

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