“We Didn’t Make a Mistake by Not Voting for You": Mzansi Dismisses Ramaphosa’s Call for Unity in GNU

“We Didn’t Make a Mistake by Not Voting for You": Mzansi Dismisses Ramaphosa’s Call for Unity in GNU

  • President Ramaphosa has emphasized the national reliance on the GNU's success and urged constructive collaboration for South Africa's benefit
  • Despite his call for unity, many South Africans remain unconvinced, expressing concerns that the agreement does not prioritize their best interests
  • The varied public reactions highlight the critical need for genuine cooperation and effective governance in the new GNU

Reitumetse Makwea, a Briefly News current affairs journalist in Pretoria, South Africa, has covered local elections, policy changes, the State of the Nation Address and political news at The Citizen and Rekord Noweto for over five years.

Ramaphosa wants unity for GNU to work
President Cyril Ramaphosa says the SA's hopes are pinned on the Government of National Unity (GNU) success. Image: Kim Ludbrook / POOL / AFP).
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President Ramaphosa has emphasised national reliance on the Government of National Unity's (GNU) success and urged constructive collaboration to benefit South Africa and preserve goodwill.

In his weekly national newsletter, Ramaphosa highlights the positive impact of political parties' commitment to cooperation, noting that this goodwill must be preserved.

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However, South Africans were not convinced by the president's newsletter, with many mentioning that the agreement did not have their best interests at heart.

See the post on X below:

Netizens are not as enthusiastic

The announcement has sparked diverse reactions from citizens on social media.

@YSarjou expressed disappointment in Ramaphosa's return:

"But baba, are you that power hungry in a way that you'll rather sacrifice our lives just to remain in power, we did not vote for you for a reason, and you are proving us right that we did not make a mistake by not voting you, yaze yabuhlungu into oyenza esizweni esimnyama [What you're doing to the black nation is painful]"

The public's reaction underscores the varied expectations and concerns surrounding the new GNU, highlighting the importance of genuine collaboration and effective governance for the initiative's success.

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@DecideDied wrote:

"As long as the MKP and EFF stay away, then the GNU will make this country prosper ."

@katlego_le31085 echoed similar sentiments, stating:

"Listen, as long as MKP and EFF are kept away from the GNU, everything will be successful."

However, @MaleMabiriziHKK offered a more critical perspective:

"You @CyrilRamaphosa will go down in history as a man driven by hatred who caused the downfall of the ANC. You are now working with perpetrators of Apartheid in your GNU!!!! SHAME."

More parties joining the GNU

The President expresses optimism over the broad consensus among parties regarding the new administration's priorities as more parties join the agreement.

He also said this is a promising sign of the GNU's potential to advance the country.

He notes that the parties will refine the GNU’s programme based on the priorities outlined in the Statement of Intent, aiming to present a clear, coherent, and sustainable plan while ensuring their collaboration remains genuine.

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“RDP houses in Orania”: Julius Malema reiterates EFF’s stance on joining GNU

Briefly News reported that Julius Malema once again spoke powerfully about his party's conditions for national unity in the government (GNU).

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader's utterances come as yet another party joins the broad coalition government.

Malema said among the terms for the EFF to join, the DA and VF+ could not form part of the GNU; Malema's post attracted much fanfare as eager netizens shared their thoughts on his latest statement.

Source: Briefly News

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