EFF's Floyd Shivambu Slams DA's Cabinet Demands as 'Racist Disregard' for Black South Africans

EFF's Floyd Shivambu Slams DA's Cabinet Demands as 'Racist Disregard' for Black South Africans

  • EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu accused the DA of showing "utter racist disregard" in their demands for 11 Cabinet posts and control over strategic sectors
  • This criticism followed a meeting between President Ramaphosa and DA leader Steenhuisen, prompted by a letter from Helen Zille
  • Shivambu and EFF leader Julius Malema both condemned the demands as attempts to revive apartheid-era control

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Reitumetse Makwea, a Briefly News current affairs journalist in Pretoria, South Africa, has covered local elections, policy changes, the State of the Nation Address and political news at The Citizen and Rekord Noweto for over five years.

DA demands are "racist" according to Floyd Shivambu
President Cyril Ramaphosa and John Steenhuisen held a "constructive" meeting on Monday after a letter on the opposition party's latest demands. Images: Waldo Swiegers and Per-Anders Pettersson.
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EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu has accused the DA of displaying "utter racist disregard and disrespect to black people and Africans in particular."

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Responding to the DA's latest demands regarding Cabinet positions

Shivambu's fiery remarks followed a "constructive" meeting on Monday between President Cyril Ramaphosa and DA leader John Steenhuisen.

Helen Zille's letter of demands

The meeting was prompted by a controversial letter from DA federal executive chairperson Helen Zille outlining the party's demands for 11 Cabinet posts and their deputies.

Additionally, the DA seeks the power to appoint directors-general in the departments assigned to it and to review all tenders issued by these departments since the president promulgated the elections.

According to News24 DA insiders described the letter as a negotiating tactic, however, Shivambu outright dismissed it.

"This is not a negotiation tactic and these are not 'GNU' demands from the instrument of white supremacy, the DA.
"These represent unmitigated white minority control of strategic sectors of South Africa’s economy, and they are not even ashamed to openly reinstate colonial rule."

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The EFF won't be joining the GNU

Shivambu further elaborated on his stance via social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, where he warned against the dangers of division among black South Africans.

"These are also based on the old colonial philosophy that it’s easy to divide and rule black people. Unfortunately, this level of disrespect and disregard can happen through disunity and the inclination to please the establishment."

Adding to the criticism, in a post on X, EFF leader Julius Malema also weighed in, echoing Shivambu's sentiments:

"The DA's demands are nothing short of a blatant attempt to resurrect apartheid-era control. This is not just about political positions; it's about the very soul of our nation and who holds the power to shape its future.
"We refuse to let the DA dictate terms that would undermine the progress we have fought so hard to achieve. The people of South Africa deserve better than this neo-colonial agenda."

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South Africans agree with Malema and Shivambu

Netizens obviously had mixed emotions regarding the EFF's comments with many agreeing the party's leadership.

@SizweSizwel4 was one of the many who agreed with the comments:

"The DA enjoys the fact that the majority of people are just sitting and putting their fate on the DA and the ANC to negotiate secretly like they did in the past. But what they like the most is the fact that MK and EFF are almost succumbing to the idea of being kept out. DA likes it."

@MashapaKabelo1 also commented that:

"My leader DA, has never hidden what it is. The problem is that the ANC keeps on believing that it can fool everyone all the time. The ANC can't be for everyone, and there is so much inequality in this country. Either you have the majority or not, the ANC wants to keep its hands in the jar—that's it."

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However, some netizens called for the EFF to join the GNU in order to hold both the ANC and DA to account.

“We didn’t make a mistake by not voting for you": Mzansi dismisses Ramaphosa’s call for unity in GNU

Briefly News previously reported that President Ramaphosa has emphasized the national reliance on the GNU's success and urged constructive collaboration for South Africa's benefit.

Despite his call for unity, many South Africans remain unconvinced, expressing concerns that the agreement does not prioritize their best interests.

The varied public reactions highlight the critical need for genuine cooperation and effective governance in the new GNU.

Source: Briefly News

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