Fatal Pit Bull Attacks Rock West Coast Community of Lutzville, SA Horrified

Fatal Pit Bull Attacks Rock West Coast Community of Lutzville, SA Horrified

  • The Lutzville community has been shaken by a pack of pit bulls that went on a ferocious attack twice in one day
  • The brutal dog attacks resulted in the death of one person and the injury of another
  • The police are conducting an investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the incidents
A pack of pit bulls attacked two people
A pack of pit bulls attacked two people in Lutzville in the West Coast District Municipality. Stock photos
Source: Getty Images

CAPE TOWN - The community of Lutzville in the West Coast District Municipality is grappling with the aftermath of two vicious pit bull attacks. It led to a man's tragic death and another person sustaining serious injuries.

Pit bulls strike twice

According to EWN, both attacks occurred within an hour on Sunday morning.

The first attack happened when a man walked past a property where a gate had been left open. Tragically, the nightmare continued less than an hour later when another person fell victim to the same pack of aggressive pit bulls and died.

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The injured man was rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent treatment.

Police investigate pit bull attacks

Nowonga Sukwana, a spokesperson for the police, revealed that no arrests have been made at this point. She said the police took action by transporting the dogs involved in the attacks to a nearby vet for evaluation.

The investigation is ongoing as authorities work to piece together the circumstances leading to these tragic incidents.

Deadly dog attack shocks SA

The incidents have left netizens raising questions again about the safety and control of the dangerous breed of dogs.

See some of the comments below:

Londy Partson said:

"Pit bulls are still killing people."

David Wratten commented:

"Irresponsible owners."

Kevin Mitch mentioned:

"Keep defending these wild beasts..."

Londy Partson wrote:

"If the owner closed the gate, then nothing would have happened. Stop blaming pit bulls."

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Pit bull growls at terrified owner in TikTok video

In another article, Briefly News reported that a woman who owns a pit bull seemed very frightened. In a viral TikTok video, the woman can be seen cowering from the dangerous dog.

The scary video showing the notorious hound got well over 20K likes. Many people commented with their opinions about how the dog was acting. The woman struggled to handle the hostile pet. The clip shows the dog growling, looking ready to attack.

Source: Briefly News

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