Men Who Allegedly Stole Alcohol Forced To Drink It in Viral Video, SA Laughs Hysterically

Men Who Allegedly Stole Alcohol Forced To Drink It in Viral Video, SA Laughs Hysterically

  • A group of people who were allegedly caught stealing alcohol was forced to consume it
  • A video shows the men being compelled to drink the booze they reportedly tried to run away with
  • South Africans wanted to know what happened to the alleged culprits

Tebogo Mokwena, Briefly News's current affairs journalist, provided coverage of criminal activities and their societal implications during his four years at Daily Sun.

Alleged booze thieves were made to drink what they stole
Men who were allegedly found stealing alcohol were made to drink it. Images: VehicleTrackerz
Source: Twitter

Crime doesn't pay, and a group of criminals found out the hard way after they were forced to swallow their crimes. They were allegedly found stealing alcohol and were forced to drink every drop of the booze and the liquor they pinched. South Africans were entertained and wanted to know what happened afterwards!

Booze thieves made to drink alcohol

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@VehicleTrackerz posted the video on X. The men in the video were allegedly caught stealing alcohol, and as punishment, they were forced to swallow every drop of what they reportedly stole. A man believed to be the tavern owner they stole stands in front of them with a sjambok while he opens bottles of hard liquor.

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He forces them to drink every drop of alcohol. Onlookers can be heard shouting abuses at them while the man unwillingly down the alcohol. Watch the video here:

South Africans want follow-up

Netizens laughed at them and roasted them for being forced to drink alcohol.

Terry pointed out:

“Crime doesn’t pay.”

Mark asked:

“Can we see the after picture?”

JohnWeekend888 was finished.

“Lol, I wanna see part two after the punishment has been inflicted.”

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Moola Dollar:

“I wanna get caught stealing alcohol.”

Rox van der Lekhosi shared a story:

“This reminds me of a story of someone caught stealing a banana. They then put her in a steel bath and wrote a note.”

Magoshi was worried.

“It’s very dangerous to force them to consume too much alcohol. They can end up dead.”

Sviwe asked:

“Imagine if they were caught stealing money. Would they force them to use it?”

Tafadzwa Chilwa Munjoma was curious.

“This was supposed to be a before-and-after thread. You can’t leave us hanging.”

Moeresi Mofokeng:

“We need part two of this and all the funeral arrangements from the tavern’s owner.”

Thiefs park stolen car at police station

In a related story, Briefly News reported that three criminals with nerves of steel and a few brain cells were arrested after parking the car they stole at a police station.

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The thugs stole a Toyota Hilux and parked it at the Witbank Police Station in Mpumalanga. Officers saw the car, and when they investigated it, the inhabitants got scared. One of them ran away, and the other two in the vehicle were arrested after police discovered that the car was stolen.

Source: Briefly News

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