ICJ Genocide Decision on Israel-Palestine War: Justice Minister Lamola Savours International Law Win

ICJ Genocide Decision on Israel-Palestine War: Justice Minister Lamola Savours International Law Win

  • The International Court of Justice made a historic ruling on Israel and Palestine, with the world watching
  • The UN court was approached by South African authorities, including the Minister of Justice, to argue that Israel committed genocide in Palestine
  • Minister Ronald Lamola shared his thoughts on the ruling made by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's interactional law legal team made a case against Israel. Justice Minister Ronald Lamola led the team in their presentation at the court in The Hague.

Minister of Justice Ronald Lamola discuss ICJ decision on Israel Palstine genodice case
Minister of Justice Ronald Lamola spoke about the ICJ genocide decision about Israel's action in Palestine. Image: Gallo Images / Walter Bibikow
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Many South Africans celebrated the conclusion that the ICJ reached. The minister of Justice shared his two cents on the latest development.

ICJ ruling delights SA's Minister of Justice

According to the eNCA, the minister of Justice in South Africa believes that the ICJ's decision was a welcome one. Lamola said that international law was victorious after the ruling in the case against Israel.

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What did the ICJ conclude in genocide case?

The court admitted that some of the acts committed by Israel were genocidal. The state of Israel was ordered to take all measures to prevent additional Killing of people in Gaza in accordance with the Genocide Convention.

South Africans discuss ICJ conclusion

People shared their thoughts about the role that Justice Lamola played. Some wrote that a ceasefire would have been an even better conclusion.

Tinyiko Khambani argued

"I still don't get it. What victory? The war is continuing until Hamas is dismantled. South Africa failed to save Hamas. South Africa failed to get the court to concur that Israel has no right to defend herself. South Africa failed to get the court to stop the war. Therefore, there is no victory, nothing to celebrate."

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Mhs Mhs added:

"A victory could be a cease fire not this while innocent people in thousands are being killed because of 5fice people ,their lives disrupted for selfish reason."

Amy Scott commented:

"Having to produce a report in a month's time can hardly be considered a victory. We all know why white people are agitated by this one. You can't hide your true nature. Thank you, ANC of Nelson Mandela."

Freddie Whitehorn saw the bright side:

"No matter who you are, it's always a good day if a life is spared."

Daniel Davidets added:

"Those terrorists thought the International Court of Justice was going to throw the case out. Lol, it did not happen!"

Adv Ngcukaitobi lands in SA from ICJ

Briefly News previously reported that South Africa's legal team made it back to South Africa from their ICJ appearance against Israel. Online users had a lot to say over a video of the arrival at OR Tambo.

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Tembeka Ngcukaitobi got a lot of attention for his address after landing at OR Tambo. Mzansi peeps were raving about the advocate's humble words.

The legal team that made its case before the International Court of Justice against Israel. Tembeka Ngcukaitobi spoke to the media, and the video gave lots of attention after he thanked his colleagues and said he was only the spokesperson and a bigger team was behind him.

Source: Briefly News

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