Hippopotamus Spotted in Cape Town, South Africans Make Jokes

Hippopotamus Spotted in Cape Town, South Africans Make Jokes

  • Residents who live near the Rondvlei Nature Reserve in the Western Cape were shocked to discover a hippo roaming around in their neighbourhood
  • The wild animal had seemingly escaped from the reserve, and terrified residents reported how scared they were when they saw it
  • Netizens online joked about the sighting, even though it damaged one person's wall before it was captured and returned to the reserve

Tebogo Mokwena, a Briefly News journalist in Johannesburg, South Africa, covered accidents, outbreaks, nature and natural disaster-related incidents at Daily Sun and Vutivi Business News for seven years.

A hippo escape from the Rondvlei Nature Reserve in Cape town, Western Cape and was returned safely
Mzansi laughed after a hippo roamed the streets in Cape Town. Images: Juancho Torres/Anadolu via Getty Images and Nick David. Images are for illustrative purposes only.
Source: Getty Images

CAPE TOWN, WESTERN CAPE – Residents who live near a reserve park in Cape Town received an unexpected visitor that broke free for a few hours. Netizens joked about the wild animal's escape.

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Hippo escapes from Rondvlei Nature Reserve

IOL reported that the incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning on 14 April 2024. It's believed that the creature emerged from the Rondvlei Nature Reserve. One of the residents revealed that the hippo may have escaped because of the newly erected fence.

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He said that his mother saw the hippo charging towards the house. It also damaged his wall. The authorities were called and it was returned safely to the reserve.

Netizens laugh about the sighting

South Africans on Facebook joked about the wild beast escaping the nature reserve.

Noogh Cassim said:

"Northern countries would be correct in assuming wild animals walk around our neighbourhoods."

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Terry Van Der Walt said:

"Good fences make good neighbours."

Mosa Mooketsi said:

"He needs directions to Parliament. That's all."

Junior Tlhape said:

"He just wanted to help people compare quotes."

Vanetia Mentor said:

"I learned on class outings in the early 90s at Rondvlei that hippos will kill you. That stuck with me."

Khanyisa Ndevu claimed:

"Very dangerous, this one. It kills more people than lions do."

Cheetah walks into resort with guests inside in viral clip

Similarly, Briefly News reported that a cheetah strolled into a resort in a viral clip.

The cheetah dropped in while a family had lunch, much to their shock and amazement. South Africans laughed at the clip.

Source: Briefly News

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