Video of Big Python Wows TikTok With Slithery Moves While Wrapping Its Body Around House Pillar

Video of Big Python Wows TikTok With Slithery Moves While Wrapping Its Body Around House Pillar

  • A giant python was captured displaying mesmerising movements on a pillar inside a residence
  • The video reached half a million views and left TikTok users amazed by the python's slithery manoeuvres
  • The comments section is filled with jokes and admiration for the remarkable constricting animal
A carpet python wrapped his body on a pillar and the video stunned TikTok users
A python's moves on a pillar got social media users quivering with fear. Image: Stock photo/Getty and @foxgoodmanyt/TikTok
Source: UGC

The majestic serpent was seen showing its slithery moves on a pillar inside a house. It wrapped its body around it with remarkable agility and grace.

Python video circulates in TikTok

The video posted by @foxgoodmanyt amassed over 500,000 views, leaving viewers in awe of the python's impressive performance.

The snake's pole dance serves as a reminder of the wonders of the natural world and the endless surprises it has in store.

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Viewers amazed by the snake

Many viewers flocked to the comments section to express their amazement and admiration for the non-venomous serpent's display of skill.

Watch the video below:

Some even couldn't resist cracking jokes, referring to the python's movements as "pole dancing."

See some comments below:

@goldenchild1nyc said:

"I wouldn't move to Australia if they paid me weekly."

@Bilkiss544 wrote:

"Carpet python? Even if it's a plastic python, I still can't trust it."

@ALLBELLAS stated:

"A carpet python doesn’t have venom, but they are scary."

@Mariamthehijabi joked:

"May I never visit Australia in my life."

@briggiterossouw mentioned:

"It looks small coiled up like that, looks can be rather deceiving."

@sashab_Good posted:

"Thinking of the snake from The Jungle Book."

@MissJackieDion added:

"These snakes aren’t venomous they are constrictors and won’t attack very soon they are very calm easy snakes."

@hello.m33 joked:

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"Pole dancing."

19-foot python wrestles with man and loses

In another article, Briefly News reported that a man wrestled a python almost six metres long to the ground in a brawl that would send shivers down the spines of anyone afraid of snakes.

The man's match with the gigantic snake almost ended in tears as, at some point, it tried wrapping itself around him. The video shows the man trying to grab the python by its tail. He struggles with it for a moment, and it suddenly lunges at him with its mouth open.

Source: Briefly News

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