Snake Enthusiast Stuns Mzansi With Impressive Collection, SA Cracks Jokes

Snake Enthusiast Stuns Mzansi With Impressive Collection, SA Cracks Jokes

  • One man startled online users after he unveiled his snake collection, and Mzansi was in mixed feelings
  • The post of the young man went viral and gathered many likes and comments on social media
  • South Africans rushed and reacted to the gentleman's post, as many were curious as to why he had so many snakes
  • A snake expert shares how people interested in snake handling can break into the field

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A fascinating gentleman surprised many people on social media after he unveiled his collection of snakes.

A man showed off his snake collection.
A young man unveiled his snake collection, which wowed people online. Image: Make Me Hustle and Senzangakhona Denzel Ncube
Source: Facebook

Meet snake catcher

Denzel Ncube from Limpopo-Vleifontein has become the talk of the town after a post of him went viral on social media. In a post shared by Briefly News, he can be seen standing with a large snake wrapped around him. The gentleman revealed that he had more than 15 large snakes inside buckets and jars in his home.

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He went on to list his snakes, including Cobras, Black Mambas, Green Mambas, and Pythons.

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The man ended by saying that his dream is to own a snake park where he will teach people about all the different types of snakes and their behaviours.

Take a look at the post:

Mzansi reacts with mixed feelings

The post gained massive attraction on social media, generating over 5K likes and many comments. People took to the comments section to express their thoughts on the man's interesting lifestyle.

Cassim Khalid Mitambo said:

"One Day, they will turn against him."

China Katze added:

"I wish I could meet him. I love snakes."

Moeti Moeti commented:

"Rest in peace in advance Denzel Ncube from Limpopo-Vleifontein. One day, one of those snake's natural instincts will kick in."

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Enough Soroya Lamola wrote:

"One day is one day!"

Saladi Khehla wrote:

"I don't wanna ask him anything, I want to tell him that the snake he is carrying on his shoulder will eat him one day."

Snake Expert shares how people interested in snake handling can go about

Josh Arnolds, aka The Snake Man, is a professional snake rescuer who established The Snake Man in 1999. Its sole purpose is to create a service for the community that will safely remove unwanted reptiles from homes and business premises.

He shared how one can become a snake handler:

"People that are interested in persuing a career in snake handling, can do snake handling courses. These are offered countrywide by a few institutions. It would be beneficial and highly advised to work alongside a professional for some time before trying to work with snakes on your own. This can be done by shadowing a professional snake catcher, or by volunteering at any reptile park, zoo or private entity where snakes are kept " he said.

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He also shared that should people come across a snake they should not harm it.

"If you've called a professional to come and catch the snake, all you need to do is keep a good eye on the snake, preferably from a spot where the snake cannot see you, otherwise it's likely to move off and disappear."

Woman pets python swimming in river, TikTok video leaves SA horrified

Briefly News previously reported a woman went TikTok after making a video with a snake. In the clip, she showed people how comfortable she was around huge vipers.

The video of the woman and snake received thousands of likes. Netizens commented that the lady was brave. A TikTok video by @shineryabarongwa shows a woman spending time with a snake. In the clip, the python was swimming as she held its tail.

Source: Briefly News

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