Molefi Monaisa: age, D.O.B, education, poet, quotes, Skeem Saam, IG

Molefi Monaisa: age, D.O.B, education, poet, quotes, Skeem Saam, IG

Molefi Monaisa is a celebrated South African actor and poet. He is popularly known as Ntate Wallet, a role he plays on Skeem Saam, SABC1’s local drama series, since 2011. Interestingly, Molefi has been gracing our screens for more than 15 years. Many love him for his exceptional acting skills and thought-provoking quotes. As a result, his fans are always eager to know more about him.

Molefi Monaisa
Potchefstroom-born actor and poet Molefi Monaisa. Photo: @EYEMEDIAARTISTS
Source: Facebook

The entertainment South African entertainment industry has kept growing thanks to the efforts of various individuals. One of those people is Molefi, who started in theatre before moving to acting. So far, he has appeared in several TV shows and movies, making him a star in the world of entertainment.

Molefi Monaisa’s profile summary

  • Birth name: Molefi Monaisa
  • Popular as: Wallet
  • Date of birth: 1971
  • Age: 50 years old (as of 2021)
  • Place of birth: Potchefstroom, North West, South Africa
  • Zodiac sign: Unknown
  • Siblings: Three
  • Brother: One
  • Sisters: Two
  • Religion: Unknown
  • Profession: Acting, poetry
  • Active since: 2006 – present
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Nationality: South Africa

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Molefi Monaisa's biography

The actor was reportedly born in 1971. Where was Molefi Monaisa born? He was born in Potchefstroom, North West, South Africa. Unfortunately, Molefi Monaisa's date of birth is unknown. Likewise, the identities of his parents or siblings, if any, are yet to be established.

What do you know regarding Molefi Monaisa's educational background? He was brought up in a humble family. Initially, he wanted to become a doctor or lawyer. However, his family could not afford to send him to a university to study medicine or law.

So, after completing his high school studies, he chose to pursue Dramatic Arts in college because of his love for art and theatre.

How old is Molefi Monaisa?

Molefi Monaisa's age is estimated to be 50 as of 2021. However, no one knows the day and month he celebrates his birthday. Is Molefi Monaisa still alive? Yes, he is alive and in good health.

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Career progress

is molefi monaisa a poet?
Monaisa is known for his witty quotes/sayings and 'tough' grammar. Photo: @SouthAfricanStateTheatre
Source: Facebook

He ventured into the show business world after completing his college studies. At first, he started in theatre. Is Molefi Monaisa a poet? Yes. He is known for his great poems. Often, he is known for his witty and thought-provoking lines, even on Skeem Saam.

Besides making poems, Monaisa is a gifted actor. He started his acting journey in 2006. His debut acting was on One Way, a SABC3’s comedy series. Two years later, he featured in Konsternasie Oppie Stasie (2009) as Amos Tshabalala.

Movies and TV shows

His other movie and TV appearances are as follows:

  • Strike Back (2010)
  • Dora's Peace (2016)
  • The Throne (2019) as Royal Healer
  • Thola (2014) as Judge Jo Seseane
  • Society (2017-2018) as Defense Attorney
  • Skeem Saam (2011-2021) as Wallet
  • Impilo: The Scam (2019) as Bra Moss
  • Hillside (2008) as Tommy "Hillfigga" Ditheko
  • Ga Re Dumele (2013 -2019) as Smokey

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The longest he has been on a TV show is around ten years. The majority of his fans no longer identify him as a Molefi anymore. Instead, he is popularly known as Wallet, a role he has been on Skeem Saam since 2011.

Molefi Monaisa's quotes

Over time, many have come to get used to his quotes, which he shares on the show and in his poems. Some are his original quotes, while others are not. Some of the famous ones include:

molefi monaisa's poems
Molefi Monaisa (L) has been on the limelight for more than 15 years. Photo: @neommats17
Source: Instagram
  • I'm not an environmentalist. I'm an Earth warrior.
  • Refuse to let your situation determine your attitude.
  • Who's the bigger liar? Me or them? Isn't lying about love the worst lie? Isn't that worse than anything I've ever done?
  • A jerk on a motorcycle is equal to a leaf because I find it beautiful when these things fall.
  • When you're playing against a team that has two great central defenders, the best option is to play without a striker.
  • Most poetry in the modern age has retreated to the private sphere, turning its back on the political realm.
  • Sometimes the simplest things are the most profound.

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Overall, he has been a great actor since launching his acting career. Also, Molefi Monaisa's poetry journey is another aspect of his career to follow, especially if you are his fan. So, is Wallet from Skeem Saam a real poet? Yes, he is among South Africa’s great poets.

Social media presence

Unlike some celebrities, Molefi is not on social media. Besides his shy personality, the actor values his privacy. Thus, anyone searching for Molefi Monaisa's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages will not find any.

Indeed, Molefi Monaisa is a great actor and poet with a remarkable track record. He has achieved a lot in the show biz scene. Also, he is an inspiration for many young talents seeking to pursue acting and poetry.

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