How long do onions last? The best way to store onions to last longer

How long do onions last? The best way to store onions to last longer

Onions add a lovely aroma to food. For instance, yellow onions are for stews, while red, white, spring, and sweet ones are served with barbecue or used in making raw dishes like salads. Since buying them daily from the grocery can strain your budget, try storing them in bulk at home. So, how long do onions last?

How long do onions last
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Yellow onions can stay fresh for almost six months, depending on their quality. Choose the firm ones that feel heavy in your hands. Moreover, they should have papery-dry skins wrapping them fully. How do you know when an onion goes bad? They are unsuitable for consumption if they are discoloured, light, rotten or have soft spots, cuts, dark spots, moulds, bruises, or sprouts.

How to store onions to last longer

A modern kitchen without yellow onions looks weird because they are essential in most households. Someone can prepare a perfect meal with these ingredients alone. How long do red onions last? They will last for about two months in the freezer. Here are tips for storing and making them last longer:

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1. Storing them whole and raw

Do unpeeled onions go bad? Unpeeled ones absorb the cold and humidity in the fridge, thus activating bacteria and accelerating the mould-growth and spoiling process. Therefore, peel them before putting them in the refrigerator. Note that you should minimize wasting food by peeling off the topmost skin only.

So, how long do onions last in the fridge? Peeled whole yellow onions make delicious meals for almost three months if they stay in the refrigerator. Do not take them out of the fridge often and ensure that the appliance is always turned on.

2. Peeling them before storage

Although peeling and cutting yellow onions is not a cup of tea for many people, someone in the house has to sacrifice their comfort once in a while. Also, you do not have to chop them in small sizes. Any size can do as long as they are sliced.

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If you slice them, put them in airtight containers before storing them in the refrigerator. How long do green onions last? Refrigerated ones remain fresh for two to three weeks. They are perfect for cooking stews and fried meals within this period.

3. Peeling and cooking them before storage

How long do onions last
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Can you freeze onions? If you want them to stay for months, cook the sliced ones, put them in heavy-duty freezer bags, and then store them in a freezer. How long do onions last in the freezer? They can stay for up to one year.

4. Storing them on the counter

How long do onions last on the counter? Do not peel or cut them if you intend to store them on the counter. You will be able to make sumptuous meals for about six weeks because they will still be fresh. These tips will help you keep them fresh for this long:

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  • Keep them away from potatoes. Both foods emit chemicals that react with each other and speed up their spoilage. Since both of them will quickly rot if stored together, keep them on different counter shelves so that fresh air blows away the chemicals.
  • Instead of using plastic bags that prevent air circulation, it would help to store them in well-ventilated items such as a mesh bag or a basket. Additionally, plastic bags have deadly chemicals that infiltrate your food.
  • Do not stack them on each other. Hanging the bag or basket allows adequate air circulation and keeps this food dry. Ensure that it is in a dry environment to prevent the growth of moulds.
  • Storing yellow onions at room temperature makes them rot. Unfortunately, you might not tell that they are rotting until odour starts coming out of them. Therefore, keep this food under cool temperatures.

With this information at your fingertips, you can confidently start buying onions in bulk for long-term use. Moreover, whenever someone asks you, “how long do onions last?” you will be able to teach them these essential DIY kitchen tips.

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