The FrontLiners on StarLife: cast (with images), story, plot, theme, teasers

The FrontLiners on StarLife: cast (with images), story, plot, theme, teasers

StarLife has another exciting show called The FrontLiners (Sanjivani). The series comes to our screens from 2 August 2021 after the end of Sacred Relationships. The FrontLiners was received well by fans when it first aired on StarPlus between 2019 and 2020. Why is Sanjivani worth watching? Keep reading for more information regarding The FrontLiners storyline and cast.

The FrontLiners on StarLife
The FrontLiners , formerly called Sanjivani, is a new Indian medical drama on StarLife. Photo: @mohnish_bahl
Source: Instagram

The FrontLiners on StarLife is an exciting love story between Dr. Ishani and Dr. Sid. Their opposing beliefs make them repel, and as they become friends, they continue to have misunderstandings. What will happen to their love-hate relationship on The Frontliners series?

The FrontLiners’ plot summary

The FrontLiners medical drama on StarLife takes viewers through Dr. Ishani and Dr. Siddhant’s professional and personal lives. The two have opposing approaches to life, and this leads to an instant dislike for each other. As they work together at Sanjivani Hospital, they slowly start to understand each other and become friends. They later fall in love but have to face several stumbling blocks to be together.

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The FrontLiners’ full story

The FrontLiners StarLife series
The FrontLiners on StarLife narrates Dr. Sid and Dr. ishani's love story. Photo: @starplus.updatess4
Source: Instagram

Dr. Ishani Arora loves doing things the right way, but Dr. Siddhant is the complete opposite and only focuses on finishing the job regardless of the means. Their opposing characters make them hate each other when they first meet. As time goes by, they become friends, although they experience occasional misunderstandings. They later fall in love.

Aman impregnates Asha out of wedlock and disappears. Sid feels compassion for Asha and decides to fake a marriage with her until the child is born. The decision leaves Asha heartbroken but later finds out the reason behind Sid’s actions.

Vardhan asks Asha to ensure that Ishani and Siddhant are not together. He is determined to use Dr. Sid to seek revenge from Shashank. Rahil and Ishani set out to unearth the truth and attempt to warn Sid. Sid fails to believe them but later discovers Asha’s plans. He decides to make Asha’s deeds known to all the employees at Sanjivani.

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In an interesting turn of events, Ishani is shot as she tries to protect an expectant Asha and ends up in a coma. A guilt-ridden Asha owns up her mistakes and asks to be forgiven as she stops working with Vardhan. Later, Dr. Ishani regains consciousness.

Unfortunately, Dr. Shashank passes away after being involved in a grisly road accident, and Siddhant finds out that he was his son. Sid and Ishani work together to ensure Vardhan’s evil deeds are known, and he is later arrested.

Siddhant and Ishani make up their minds to tie the knot. On the wedding day, Ishani’s relatives plan to separate them and ensure that Sid does not get there on time to solemnize the union. His failure to show up leaves Ishani heartbroken. Things take a turn for the worse when Sanjivani Hospital stops operating.

The FrontLiners after a three-year leap

Sanjivani Hospital opens its doors again when Navratan invests in it. Meanwhile, Ishani finds nothing interesting to live for, and Navratan asks her to start over again. Sid regains consciousness after being in a coma for some time but has lost his memory. Dr. Ishani conducts surgery on him, and he recovers.

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Siddhant reveals to Ishani what her relatives did to prevent him from getting to their planned wedding. Navratan decides to reunite the lovebirds and their happily ever after starts.

The FrontLiners’ teasers

The FrontLiners on StarLife
The FrontLiners theme song was sung by Durga Chalisa. Photo: @mohnish_bahl
Source: Instagram

Are you eager to know how the drama unfolds in each of The FrontLiners episode? Here are the teasers for more on what happens to the characters in The FrontLiners premiere episodes.

The FrontLiners’ cast with images

The FrontLiners StarLife series was produced by Siddharth P Malhotra and is a reboot of a 2002 series called Sanjivani. The career drama has a star-studded cast that ensures the story comes to life in an exciting manner. Here are The FrontLiners’ main cast members.

Surbhi Chandna – Dr Ishani Arora

Sanjivani cast
Surbhi Chandna portrays the role of Dr. Ishani on The FrontLiners. Photo: @officialsurbhic
Source: Instagram

Dr. Ishani is the lead female character. She is a skilled neurosurgeon at Sanjivani Hospital. Ishani values ethics and prefers to play by the rules.

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Namit Khanna – Dr. Siddhant Mathur

The FrontLiners on StarLife
Namit Khana portrays the role of Dr. Sid, a carefree neurosurgeon on The FrontLiners StarLife series. Photo: @namitkhanna_official
Source: Instagram

Dr. Sid is the lead male character. He is a passionate neurosurgeon at Sanjivani medical facility. Sid does not value ethics and prefers to bend the rules as long as the job is done.

Mohnish Bahl – Dr. Shashank Gupta

Sanjivani cast
Mohnish Bahl portrays the role of Dr Shashank on The FrontLiners. Photo: @mohnish_bahl
Source: Instagram

Dr. Shashank is a neurosurgeon and the head of Sanjivani medical facility until his untimely death. He is the father of Siddhant and Anjali.

Gurdeep Kohli – Dr Juhi Singh

The FrontLiners on StarLife
Gurdip Punjj portrays the role of Dr. Juhi on Sanjivani. Photo: @gurdippunjj
Source: Instagram

Dr. Juli is an experienced neurosurgeon. She works at Sanjivani medical facility as the Chief of Surgery. She boasts beauty and brains!

Gaurav Chopra – Navratan Singh

The FrontLiners on StarLife
Gaurav Chopra plays the role of Mr. Singh on The FrontLiners StarLife series. Photo: @mrgravitas
Source: Instagram

When Sanjivani Hospital shuts down following Dr. Shashank’s death, he invests in it, leading to its reopening. He then becomes the facility’s CEO and helps Dr. Ishani find new meaning in life.

The FrontLiners cast with recurring roles include;

  • Sayantani Ghosh – Dr. Anjali Gupta
  • Rohit Roy – Vardhan Makhija
  • Rashmi Singh – Dr Asha Kanwar
  • Chandni Bhagwanani – Dr. Asha Kanwar after Rashmi’s exit
  • Jason Tham – Dr. Neil Lama Lau
  • Robin Sohi – Dr. Aman Gehlot
  • Kunal Bhan – Dr. Rahil Shekhar
  • Rahul Choudhry – Dr. Rishabh Vaidya
  • Ekta Sohini – Roshni Mathur
  • Seema Pandey – Roshni Mathur after Ekta’s exit
  • Sameer Khakhar – Guddu Mathur
  • Khushbu Thakkar – Anisha Singh
  • Sulakshana Khatri – Bebe
  • Sheela Sharma – Nurse Philo

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The FrontLiners on StarLife is indeed going to be a fascinating series to follow. How are the patients affected by Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani’s approaches to life? Discover how the story goes by tuning in to StarLife every day at 9.00 pm from 2nd August 2021.

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