How to start a cleaning company in South Africa as of 2021

How to start a cleaning company in South Africa as of 2021

If you want to start a cleaning company from scratch in South Africa, you will have to note the proper registration, paperwork, and administration process. In addition, you cannot proceed without getting the legal documents and following the correct protocol. So, what are these procedures and documents? Join us as we reveal an easy guide on how to start a cleaning company in South Africa that will have you operational as fast as possible.

How to start a cleaning company in South Africa
To start a cleaning company in South Africa as of 2021, you have to follow a proper registration process, provide necessary paperwork, and follow the right administration process. Photo: @Nic_Jbrownie
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So you would like to register a cleaning company in South Africa? Keep reading to discover an easy guideline on how to start a cleaning company in South Africa as of 2021.

How to start a cleaning company in South Africa

How do I start my own cleaning company? Easy! All you have to do is the following:

1. Research

Research is mandatory no matter what business you want to venture into. In this case, you need to research to determine several vital components. Some of them include:

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1. The kind of cleaning company you want to start

Starting a cleaning company in South Africa
The market groups of a cleaning company can either be consumer or commercial cleaning services. Both differ in the target group and services rendered. Photo: @svmservices1
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There are two market groups to consider:

  • Consumer cleaning services: These services target people's homes, including carpets, windows, etc.
  • Commercial cleaning services: These services target commercial properties. It includes offering services like window, office, and bathroom cleaning.

Determining the market group to serve may not be as straightforward as you think. You will need to look at your budget, workforce, and competition before making a decision.

2. The cost of starting the business

How much does it cost to start your own cleaning business? The price varies as people invest differently in their companies. Some will invest a lot of funds by purchasing more expensive cleaning equipment. On the flip side, some will stick to a particular budget. It would help if you created a business plan of your own and also worked with your budget.

3. The cost of services

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Cost of a cleaning house in South Africa as of 2021
The cleaning services cost varies depending on the services rendered, duration, and workload. Nonetheless, domestic cleaning is charged between R50 and R80. Photo: EMMANUEL CROSET/AFP via Getty Images
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What should I charge to clean a house? How much should I charge my clients? These are questions that require you to conduct in-depth research on the market and your competition. On average, regular domestic cleaning cost something between R50 and R80 per hour. On the other hand, regular office cleaning falls between R50 and R100 an hour. So, try to settle for a realistic price.

4. The location

Of course, you need to determine a suitable location, preferably close to your target group. In addition, it is advisable to be suited in the same city where you are offering your services.

5. Equipment

It would help if you also researched the required equipment, which can be sweeping machines, vacuum cleaners, trolleys, etc.

2. Choose your company choice and name

How to start a cleaning company in SA
Your cleaning company must have a valid name for it to be registered and approved. So, pick a valid name that is simple, straightforward, unique, and telling of the services rendered. Photo: @ciproza
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Pick whether you want a company offering commercial or consumer services. After doing this, you will need to come back with a company name. Again, try to keep it simple, descriptive, although not too vague, and unique from your competitors.

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3. Create a business plan

Cleaning services business plan South Africa searches are flooding the internet, and perhaps this is because individuals need help crafting a cleaning business plan. However, you can always hire a professional company rendering these services to craft one for you.

The outline must contain vital sections, such as the Executive Summary, Objectives, Mission, Market Analysis Summary, and Company Summary.

4. Go through the required documents

Cleaning services in South Africa
You cannot register a cleaning company in SA without meeting all the requirements in every documentation. So, fill in every required document, accurately, and via the proper channels. Photo: @b2bleeds
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What is required to start a cleaning company in South Africa? One of the needed items is the necessary documentation. So, once you have established the type of cleaning company you want, the next step will be to go through all the required documents to start the registration process. They are as follows:

  • CIPC company registration document
  • B-BBE Affidavit or BEE Certificate
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Company tax verification document

5. Register the company

The first and most crucial certificate for a cleaning company is the CK certificate or CoR document. CK documents are required for CC's and Pty's are required to have the CoR documents.

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They are both obtained from the CIPC, so you will need to register your business with CIPC. There are two methods you can follow to complete this registration.

The first method entails applying directly on the CIPC's eServices portal. The second method entails asking a professional company like Pty Company Registration to handle the matter. How much does it cost to register a company with CIPC? The price may vary between R125 and R475.

6. NCCA registration

Cleaning company registration documentation
The national ID is one of the documents you will need for NCCA registration. Other documents include the UIF registration, Letter of Good Standing, and Public Liability Cover. Photo: @danielmarven
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Getting an NCCA certificate is essential because it is one of the cleaning tender documents you will require. This cleaning certificate not only identifies you as a legitimate NCCA company but also allows you to apply for cleaning tenders and contracts. You will need the following:

  • Company registration documents
  • ID number or Passport
  • UIF registration
  • Tax clearance
  • Provident Fund
  • Letter of Good Standing
  • Public Liability Cover

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7. Register for a B-BBEE certificate

Guide on how to start a cleaning company in South Africa
A B-BBEE certificate is another document you have to obtain when registering a cleaning company in South Africa if your turnover is above R10 million. Photo: @toniekonig
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Typically, this document is only mandatory for a business making a turnover of over R10 million. If it has a turnover less than this figure, the customers can complete an affidavit signed by the Commissioner of Oaths and use it instead.

The following guide on how to start a cleaning company in South Africa can see you up and running in no time. It is straightforward and has detailed all the essential documents you need, as well as their pricing. Good luck!

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