List of all NOSA courses and fees 2019 - 2020

List of all NOSA courses and fees 2019 - 2020

NOSA has been the partner that works with individuals, the government and private business institutions to ensure that the workplace is safe and secure. This explains why NOSA courses are of great importance. Workplaces need to be environmentally safe and the food we eat should also be qualified. This is where NOSA comes in strongly to ensure that all standards are met.

NOSA courses

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NOSA is able to achieve its target of maintaining workplace safety through the different training programs that it offers. These are categorized into different areas, all of which are going to be discussed below. It is necessary to know how much each of the training sessions cost in case you know someone that could be interested in pursuing it.

Different programs offered by NOSA

NOSA is dedicated to ensuring that safety is a priority in different workspaces. It is able to achieve this by covering the variety of work areas safety training, despite their disparities. Check out safety officer course fees as you plan to choose a course that works for you. All the programs offered by NOSA include:

  1. Executive Level Courses
  2. Fire Safety
  3. First Aid
  4. General Industry Courses
  5. HWSETA Skills Programmes
  6. International Courses
  7. Mining Industry
  8. NQA OHSAS & ISO Certification
  9. SHE Courses
  10. SHE Legislation
  11. Specialized Courses
  12. Working at Heights

All these programs have different descriptions and details.

Executive Level

NOSA courses

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These courses are meant for executives, risk managers, environmental managers, and senior management. They include:

  • Climate Change Management costing R2540 for 2 days training
  • Corporate Governance: An Insight into Strategic Risk Management costing R4710 for 2 days training
  • Safety for Senior Executives costing R2110 for a day of training

These courses are classified as part of SHE training.

Fire Safety

The lessons herein are meant to equip learners with basic fire safety drills that come in handy during such emergence at the workplace. The courses under this category are:

  • Basic Fire Awareness Workshop (4 Hour Workshop)
  • Basic Fire Fighter (FFL1) (US ID 252250) (2 Days) costing R1280
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures (US ID 259597) (2 Days) costing R1480
  • Evacuation Awareness Workshop (4 Hour Workshop)
  • Fire Marshall (Combination of FFL1 & Evacuation Awareness Workshop) costing R1660

First Aid

The first aid courses include:

  • Level 1 costing R1160 for 2 days
  • Level 2 going for R1390 for 2 days
  • Level 3 at a cost of R2140 for 4 days
  • Combined First Aid L1, L2, and L3 at a cost of R2910 for 5 days

General Industry

Before filling in your training booking form, make sure you understand what these programmes entail. These are:

  • Applying SHE Principles and Procedures (ASHEPP) - R3120 for 2 days
  • Basic SHE Inspections
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Intro to Occupational SHE - R30170 for 2 days
  • Office Health and Safety
  • SHE Induction - R2900 for 2 days

The programmes under this category target the different employees in the various sectors.

HWSETA Skills Programmes

NOSA courses

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  • HWSETA SKILLS PROGRAMME - Safety Representative at a cost of R6960
  • HWSETA SKILLS PROGRAMME - SHE Supervisor - costing R6960
  • HWSETA SKILLS PROGRAMME - SHE Incident Investigator - costing R10650
  • HWSETA SKILLS PROGRAMME - SHE Officer - costing R31630

International programmes

These courses target a lot more people in the organization serving in different capacities. They also tend to take longer than most other programmes would. The following are the programmes and their prices:

  • SAMTRAC International E-learning - R25790 for 9 months
  • NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety - R27270 for 11 days
  • NEBOSH International Certificate in Construction Health and Safety - R29990 for 16 days
  • NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management - R13360 for 6 days

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Mining Industry

Any of these mining courses would be great for anyone working in the mining industry. The costs will also make it easy for you to apply. They include:

  • ASHEPP for Mining - R3120 for 2 days
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) for Mining - R2990 for 2 days
  • Incident Investigation at Mines - R4980 for 3 days
  • Introduction to SAMTRAC for Mining - R8490 for 5 days
  • SAMTRAC for Mining - R18990 for 10 days
  • SAMTRAC for Mining: Bridging Course - R4990 for 3 days
  • SAMTRAC for Mining (Namibia)
  • SHE Representative for Mining - R2950 for 2 days
  • MQA Safety Representatives Skills programme
  • Reptile Risk Management
  • Spider & Scorpion Risk Awareness

NQA OHSAS & ISO Certification

This category covers a number of courses including:

  • HACCP Introduction & Overview
  • ISO 9001 Bridging Course from 2008 to 2015
  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS Introduction
  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS Implementation
  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS Internal Auditor
  • ISO 14001 Bridging Course from 2004 to 2015
  • ISO 14001:2015 EMS Introduction
  • ISO 14001:2015 EMS Implementation
  • ISO 14001:2015 EMS Internal Auditor
  • ISO 22000 Introduction & Overview
  • OHSAS 18001 Introduction
  • OHSAS 18001 Implementation
  • OHSAS 18001 Internal Auditor
  • Combined OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 Introduction
  • Combined ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 EMS Implementation
  • Combined ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 EMS Internal Auditor


SHE programmes and costs include:

  • COIDAct Training Course
  • Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety Act - R3070 for 3 days
  • Preliminary Incident Investigation - R2890 for 2 days
  • Safety for Supervisors Training Course (SSTC)
  • Safety for Supervisors Training Course with Practical (SSTC) - R4530 for 3 days
  • SHE Representative Course - R990 on the training date
  • SHE Representative Functions - R4220 for 3 days

SHE Legislative

These courses provide in-depth knowledge of the safety requirements as well as outlining legal requirements. Employers and contractors also get to understand their legal obligations as far as safety at the workplace is concerned. The courses offered are:

  • Advanced OHSACT - R2960 for 2 days
  • From A-Z: OHSACT 85 Of 1993 - R26880 for 15 days

Specialized courses

The courses include:

  • NOSA Auditor
  • Advanced SAMTRAC - R8970 for 5 days
  • SAMTRAC Construction - R8970 for 5 days
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)
  • NOSA Incident Investigation Level 3
  • Introduction to SAMTRAC - R8490 for 5 days
  • ITIS: Train the Trainer - R8930 for 5 days
  • Miracles Course -
  • NOSA Integrated Five Star System Navigator - R3320 for 2 days
  • Procedures & Observations
  • Strategic Risk Planning - R19270 for 5 days

Working at Heights

It is always risky at the work environment when height is involved. It is important for high levels of safety to be maintained all through. Some of the programmes offered by NOSA towards this include include:

  • Post Fall Arrest Self Rescue - R1830 on the training date
  • Post Fall Arrest Rescue - R1830 on the training date
  • Fall Protection Plan Development - R5990 for 5 days
  • Fall Arrest & Rescue - R4290 for 3 days
  • Basic Fall Arrest
  • Working at Height (Basic) - R1290 on the training date
  • Advanced Fall Arrest
  • Eskom Fall Arrest System User
  • Eskom Fall Arrest System Rescue
  • Confined Spaces Workshop

Most of the courses are basically safety for supervisors guides while others are meant to focus on training all employees. Either way, these courses are important for everyone working in any environment. Taking a safety officer training course is a plus on your side. Enroll for a relevant NOSA course as a step towards ensuring your own safety and that of others around your workplace.



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