DJ Zinhle biography: boyfriend, daughter, house, age, pictures

DJ Zinhle biography: boyfriend, daughter, house, age, pictures

DJ Zinhle is one of the few female personalities who are doing great in the entertainment industry. This South African celeb has undergone lows and highs to become what she is today. She is among the most competent businessperson in the country. She has, on many occasions, been invited to speak as a motivational speaker in different events. Also, her contribution to empowering young and talented females through her music is very remarkable. Lately, she has been in the limelight after she decided to get back together with her baby daddy. The two have been separated for some time now, but they seem to have patched things together.

dj zinhle biography
Dj Zinhle. Photo: @DJZinhle
Source: Instagram

People have been spreading rumours about her life, making it difficult to understand her as a character. But who exactly is Dj Zinhle? There are a lot more that you do not know about her. Well, here is everything you might want to know about her.

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DJ Zinhle profile

  • Full name: Zinhle Jiyane
  • Date of birth: December 30, 1983
  • DJ Zinhle age: 37 years old as of 2020
  • Place of birth: Dannhauser, South Africa
  • Children: Kairo Owethu Forbes
  • DJ Zinhle Instagram: djzinhle
  • Twitter: DJZinhle

Who is Zinhle?

Zinhle is a renowned South African media personality. She majors in the entertainment industry. Before settling for the music industry, she had her eyes on Television, but it never worked for her. She started DJ’eying at a very young age. In one of the interviews, she revealed that it was through her brother that she developed the interest of becoming a Dj. The insufficiency created by one of her brother's Dj in one event opened a window of opportunity for her. She Dj’eyed in that event and there she met her destiny.

dj zinhle
Dj Zinhle. Photo: @DJZinhle
Source: Instagram

Where was she born?

While not so many people know her background, I just realized that she comes from KwaZulu— particularly, from a small town known as Dannhauser in South Africa. This is where she grew up. It is at this same place that her brother exposed her to the entertainment industry at a tender age.

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DJ Zinhle age

DJ Zinhle was born on December 30, 1983. So, if your math is good as mine, then she just turned 37 years old in 2020.


Like any other female celebrity, Zinhle has a boyfriend. The boyfriend is known by many people in South Africa as Murdah Bongz. Even though, DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz are reported to be dating now, they never came out to declare publicly that they are a couple.

Her previous relationships

For some times now, there have been controversies surrounding Zinhle’s love relationship. Back in the days, she used to date AKA and there were rumours that they got married. Later, the two parted ways after assertions emerged that her boyfriend was cheating on her with another woman.

During the separation period, she fell in love with Brendon Naidoo, the famous South African businessperson. The relationship lasted for a year, then the two stopped seeing each other. Similarly, AKA was dating Bonang Matheba who is another female celebrity in the country. The two were seen on several occasions, but like Zinhle and Brandon the relationship collapsed.

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However, still, her boyfriend continued hauling insults at her through social media during that time. Even recently, AKA was bragging on social media by telling her to delete his parents’ photos from her phone since they had long separated.

Does DJ Zinhle have a kid?

The two have a daughter by the name of Kairo Owethu Forbes. Most people call her Baby K. The kid has her Instagram account.

DJ Zinhle’s new house

In the whole of 2017, she was living in a rented house because she was still waiting for her house to be complete. Gladly, the female Dj is now a homeowner. She recently completed building herself an extravagant house that has kept people talking all day long. To say the least, the house is an inspiration to many people looking to build a house in 2021.

dj zinhle
Image:, @djzinhle
Source: Instagram

Since she moved in with her daughter, she has been posting pictures and videos of the house on Instagram for her followers. The house is worth boasting about because of the degree of elegance and style it portrays.

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DJ Zinhle Boulevard wine

Dj Zinhle boulevard wine
Dj Zinhle is the CEO of Boulevard Nectar Rosé. Photo: @DJZinhle
Source: Twitter

She acquired equity in sparkling wine brand Boulevard Nectar Rosé. The DJ became the CEO of the brand in 2020.

Her DJ academy

In an effort to mentor young and talented females in the country, she collaborated with Mdaki to create a Dj academy. The academy was named The Firm Understanding of Sound Entertainment (FUSE Academy). Thanks to the FUSE, Dj Zinhle has been able to identify and nature many talents in the country.


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