Scandal! on eTV actors in 2021: A-Z Exhaustive cast list with pictures

Scandal! on eTV actors in 2021: A-Z Exhaustive cast list with pictures

As one of Mzanzi's best soapies and most-watched programs on TV, Scandal actors have done a great job in keeping people interested in the show's content. Since its debut in September 2005, the Scandal on eTV cast has seen the departure and arrival of raw South African talent. This article highlights all the show's cast members.

Scandal! on eTV actors in 2021
Scandal! is a local soap opera that airs on eTV from Mondays to Fridays. Photo: @BekithembaZ
Source: Twitter

Scandal! is one of the best locally produced soap operas that have been in existence for more than 15 years. All this is made possible with its rich content and a pool of talented cast members who bring the events to life.

Scandal: South Africa cast

Scandal! is broadcast on eTV from Mondays to Fridays at 7.30 p.m. Who are the people that make the show one of Mzansi's most-followed? Here is a look at all the Scandal! actors in alphabetical order, including the new and old members.

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1. Andile Sithole as Ndumiso

Scandal! on eTV actors in 2021
Andile portrays the ambitious Ndumiso on the show. Photo: @andile_sitholesa
Source: Twitter

Andile was able to play this part with a lot of ease, considering that Ndumiso was very much like him. The character portrayed an ambitious man that grabs an opportunity that comes up regardless of the consequences.

2. Ayanda Daweti as Chumani Langa

Scandal! on eTV actors in 2021
Ayanda Daweti is a talented South African actor and musician. Photo: @ayandadaweti

Chumani Langa is a young man from a wealthy family. Ayanda is a talented actor and brings out the role perfectly.

3. Ayanda Brandy Nzimande as Aya Mamba

Scandal! on eTV actors in 2021
Ayanda Nzimande joined the show's cast in October 2020. Photo: @ayandabnzimande
Source: Instagram

Aya is Mamba's teenage daughter on Scandal! She joined the local show in October 2020.

4. Bathabile Mashigo as Grace Medupe

Scandal! on eTV actors in 2021
Grace is a successful businesswoman on the Scandal! Photo: @batsflyhi
Source: Instagram

Grace Medupe is Romeo Medupe's mother on the local show. She is an established businesswoman with a four-star hotel.

5. Botlhale Boikanyo as Omphile Ngema

Scandal! on eTV actors in 2021
Botlhale Boikanyo is one of the youngest cast members on the local show. Photo: @botlhaleboikanyo
Source: Instagram

Botlhale, winner of SA Got Talent in 2012, joined the cast of Scandal in September 2015. Omphile is the scandalous lurve child of Boitshoko and Mlungisi.

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6. Brighton Ngoma as Quinton Nyathi

Brighton Ngoma Scandal!
Quinton Nyathi character died in 2020 after more than 10 years on the show. Photo: @_iambrighton
Source: Instagram

Quinton is the son of Nyathi and a good-looking lady's man. His character died in 2021 after more than ten years on the local show.

7. Charlie Bouguenon as Timothy Jones

Charlie Bouguenon
Charlie Bouguenon is a talented actor and has appeared in both local and international shows and films. Photo: @charliebouguenon
Source: Instagram

Timmy is a charming Setswana speaking guy and has grown to become a fan favourite on Scandal! He is such a talented actor.

8. Cindy Mahlangu as Violetta Mamba

Scandal! on eTV actors in 2021
Cindy Mahlangu plays the role of Violetta Mamba, a stylish married woman who loves another man who is not her husband. Photo: @cindy_thando
Source: Instagram

Cindy joined the Scandal cast in August 2020. She plays the role of Violetta Mamba, a stylish married woman who is in love with a man (Simo) who is not her husband. Her lover is her husband's (Sandile Mamba) accountant.

9. Dineo Moeketsi as Naledi

Scandal! on eTV actors in 2021
Naledi was Thembeka's former University mate. Photo: @ dineomoeketsi
Source: Instagram

Dineo also features in the list of the old casts. She was on the role for about a year and left, thanking her fans for the support and love. She acted as Thembeka's former university mate.

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10. Fulu Mugovhani as Anzani Chabedi

Scandal! on eTV actors in 2021
Fulu is a talented South African actress. Photo: @fulu_mugovhani
Source: Instagram

Fulu left to star in Ring of lies in 2017. Her role as Anzanima was that of a sweet girl, charming and above all a princess of her village back in Venda. Trouble sets in when she falls for a commoner, Lerumo and her father, Chief Muneru, comes to Johannesburg to remind her that she is going against tradition, which demanded that she marries Prince Mathivha.

11. Gcina Nkosi as Zinzi Nge

Gcina Nkosi on Scandal!
Gcina Nkosi has been on the local show since 2009. Photo: @OkMzansi
Source: Twitter

Nkosi joined Scandal in 2009 and has never looked back. Her role takes that of a respectful wife that never argues with the husband because his word is final, at least from the start of the program. However, she has changed with time and can now speak and voice her opinion, even putting her foot down just in case she is not in agreement with things.

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12. Jason Willemse as Cameron

Scandal! on eTV actors
Jason Cameron portrays the role of Cameron, a young struggling boy on the local soapie. Photo: @Sweepersman
Source: Twitter

Jason joined Scandal in 2013. His role involved the then 27-year-old Jason Willemse, starring as a young coloured boy that goes to Newtown to seek an opportunity to work as a simple security guard at the Safe 'n Clean. He lives in extreme levels of poverty with an aunt in Westbury. His has been a tough life and a struggle to make ends meet, not to mention that he needs to look after Bronnie Jansen.

13. Jerry Mofokeng wa Makhetha as Neo Mokhethi

Jerry Mofokeng
Jerry Mofokeng plays the role of a crime lord called Neo Mokheti on the show. Photo: @ViralFeedZA
Source: Twitter

The award-winning veteran actor joined the Scandal! family in 2013. He plays the role of Neo Mokhethi, a crime lord.

14. Joyce Skefu as Maletsasi Khumalo

Joyce Skefu
Joyce Skefu portrays the role of Maletsasi on the show. Photo: @incwajana
Source: Twitter

Hers is a role of a spiritual lady. She stars as a moral person and a very committed Christian. Although she is honest, she tends to be self-righteous and judgmental. She is, in fact, the anchor in Eddie's life. She also has a relatively open relationship with Palesa, her daughter.

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15. Kagiso Modupe as Mangaliso 'Mangi' Nyathi

Kagiso Modupe
Kagiso Modupe left the show to pursue other interests. Photo: @kagisoyabakwena
Source: Instagram

Also classified among those who left, the multi-talented and adored actor chose to pursue other life callings. His role as Mangi Nyathi was the son of Daniel Nyathi, a discovery he made late in life since all along, he believed that Stan was his dad.

16. Kagiso Rathebe as Amo

Scandal new actors
Kagiso Rathebe joined the soapie in 2020. Photo: @kagisorathebe
Source: Instagram

Amo is a photographer in his late 20's and also works as a freelancer for NFH. He made his debut on the local show in March 2020.

17. Khanyisile Zwane as Gontse Legae

Khanyisile Zwane
Khanyisile Zwane portrays the characters of laid back Gontse. Photo: @incwajana
Source: Instagram

Her strong presence on the show is impossible to ignore. It is impressive that such a personality can pull off the role of a dull and laid back Gontse well.

18. Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane as Tebello

Youngest Scandal! actors
Fatso is a talented actor at such a tender age. Photo: @016Banger
Source: Twitter

Fatso made his acting debut on Scandal! Tebello is an abandoned 12-year-old child who looks after Vyonne's weak mother.

19. Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong as Dintle

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Scandal! on eTV actors
Mapaseka portrays the role of Dintle on the soapie. Photo: @pasi_koetle
Source: Instagram

Mapaseka joined the cast of Scandal! in 2013 as Dintle. The character is a survivor who was abandoned by her parents and raised by her aunt. She uses her looks and charm to improve her status in life.

20. Marjorie Langa as Gloria

Marjorie Langa
Marjorie plays the role of Kgosi's mother Gloria on Scandal! Photo: @Angelinah
Source: Twitter

Gloria is the mother of the troublesome Kgosi. She does all she can to defend her son after being caught stealing.

21. Matthews Rantsoma as Nhlamulo Maseko

New actors on the Scandal!
Matthews joined the cast of the show in March 2021 as Nhlamulo Maseko. Photo: @YouthVillageSA
Source: Twitter

Matthews made his debut on the eTV show in March 2021. He plays the role of Nhlamulo Maseko, a forex trader who is attracted to Lindiwe Ngema.

22. Mbubelo Ndlazilwane as Scelo

Mbubelo Ndlazilwane
Mbubelo portrays the role of Scelo, the son of Mlungisi and Zinzile Ngema. Photo: @eratofonko
Source: Instagram

Scelo from Scandal is the smart one and loved one. It is evident that his sister feels the pinch, but he loves her all the same.

23. Natasha Sutherland as Layla

Scandal! on eTV actors in 2021
Natasha Sutherland has been on the show as Layla since 2012. Photo: @natasha.sutherland
Source: Instagram

The celebrated actress joined the local show in 2012 as Layla. She remains a favourite character in the South African audience.

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24. Nolo Seabi as Seipati

Nolo Seabi on Scandal!
Nolo portrays the character of Seipati, Tebello's mother. Photo: @nolo_seabi
Source: Instagram

Nolo Seabi joined the Scandal cast in August 2020 as Seipati. The character is the mother of Tebello, whom she had left under the care of her deceased mother, Ma'Betty.

25. Nomvelo Makhanya as Lindiwe Ngema

Lindiwe Ngema on Scandal!
Nomvelo Makhanya portrays the role of Lindiwe, Mlungisi and Zinzile Ngema's daughter. Photo: @TimesLIVE
Source: Twitter

Lindiwe acts as the daughter of Mlungisi and Zinzile Ngema, as well as Scelo's little sister. Not being athletically or academically gifted like the brother, his dad Mlungisi overcompensates by showering her with a lot of affections and approval.

26. Nunu Khumalo as Hlengiwe

Nunu Khumalo on Scandal!
Nunu Khumalo is an award-winning South African actress. Photo: @nunukhumalo
Source: Instagram

Nunu joined eTV's Scandal in May 2017. The award-winning actress never fails to charm fans with her exceptional acting skills as Hlengiwe.

27. Sandile Mahlangu as Simo

Sandile Mahlangu Scandal!
Sandile portrays the role of Simo, Romeo's half brother and Violetta's lover. Photo: @sandilem
Source: Instagram

Sandile joined the local soap opera in August 2020 as Simo. The character is Violetta Mamba's lover, Romeo's half brother and Sandile Mamba's (Violetta's husband) accountant.

28. Simo Magwaza as Mamba

Simo Magwaza on Scandal!
Simo Magwaza plays the role of Mamba, an influential businessman on the show. Photo: @etvScandal
Source: Twitter

Simo Magwaza is an established South African actor. He plays the role of Vunani Mamba, an influential businessman on the show.

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29. Thapelo Aphiri as Javas

Thapelo Aphiri
Thapelo Aphiri joined the Scandal cast in 2014 as Javas. Photo: @aphiri_tp
Source: Instagram

Thapelo has been on the local series since 2014. The former footballer brings out the character of Javas in the best way possible.

30. Wandile Molebatsi as Duma Mamba

New Scandal! actors
Actor Wandile Molebatsi joined the soap opera in May 2021. Photo: @wandile_molebatsi
Source: Instagram

Wandile Molebatsi joined Scandal on eTV in May 2021. He plays the role of Duma, a young man born into money but had to learn to live humbly after his father kicked him out. He struggles with self-esteem and the feeling of being worthless.

31. Wayne Van Rooyen as Stokkies

Scandal! on eTV actors
Wayne Van Rooyen plays the role of Stokkies, an ex-convict on the show. Photo: @waynevanrooyen
Source: Twitter

Wayne plays the role of Stokkies of the eTV series. Stokkies is a perennial loser and ex-convict with a dream to one day have a financial breakthrough.

Here is a list of Scandal! cast members who have left the show to pursue other interests.

  • Candice Derman as Samatha
  • Clith Brink as Valentino Tino Martens
  • Dawn Matthews as Shakira Nyathi (née Kane)
  • Hlomla Dandala as Kingsley Siseko Langa
  • Hungani Ndlovu as Romeo Medupe
  • Getmore Sithole as Cain Gumede/Daniel Nyathi
  • Lorcia Cooper as Erin Martens
  • Lusanda Mbane as Boniswa Langa
  • Luthuli Dlamini as Stan Nyathi
  • Masasa Mbangeni as Thembeka Shezi – Nyathi
  • Mothusi Magano as Phehello Mokheti/The Dustbin Man
  • Mthunzi Ntoyi as Sijo
  • Nozuko Ncayiyane as Phindile ‘Phindi’ Skhakhane
  • Nthati Moshesh as Morongwe' Mo' Molefe
  • Patrick Mofokeng as Mlungisi Ngema
  • Petronella Tshuma as Ruby
  • Sandy Mokwena as Bra Eddie Khumalo
  • Sello Maake Ka-Ncube as Lucas' Daniel' Nyathi
  • Siyabonga Shibe as Kila Ngcobo
  • Soso Rungqu as Kagiso
  • Tshepo Howza Mosese as Lerumo Chabedi

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Scandal actors are among the most talented in the industry. With a good number of prominent actors and actresses having featured on the local soap opera, it is easy to see why the program still exists today.

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Ama Qamata and Khosi Ngema will be in the lead role as Puleng Khumalo and Fikile Bhele, respectively.

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