Jasmine Twitty bio: age, family, education, youngest judge, salary, net worth

Jasmine Twitty bio: age, family, education, youngest judge, salary, net worth

Jasmine Twitty became a judge in 2015 at the age of 25 years in a predominantly white town. She became the world's youngest judge in the US without a law degree, and no one has broken this record. Jasmine got a job as a night court clerk in Easley, South Carolina, after completing college. Five years later, the Easley municipal bench appointed her to be a judge, and the Associate Judge of the municipal court swore her into office. She oversees the initial proceedings of criminal cases in a night court.

Jasmine Twitty
The youngest black judge to sit on a court bench in Easley, South Carolina. Photo: womenslives
Source: Twitter

She has received many acknowledgements, including the Honorary Georgia Citizen, South Carolina Top 20 Under 40, and Top 10 Young Professional. As a Board Member of Upstate Network and co-founder of a local chapter named LeadHER, she empowers women in career development. How did Jasmine Twitty become a judge? Please read on to find out.

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Jasmine Twitty profile summary

  • Full name: Jasmine Twitty
  • Date of birth: 4th December 1989
  • Age: 31 years
  • Career: Judge
  • Nationality: American
  • Jasmine Twitty Instagram: judgetwitty

Jasmine Twitty biography

Jasmine Twitty age is 31 years as of January 2021. She was born on 4th December 1989 in Greenville, South Carolina, where she also grew up. In Jasmine Twitty 2020 education news, her mother, a social worker, and her father sent her to St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School (elementary school), and she graduated from J. L. Mann High School in Easley in 2007.

Jasmine Twitty
She mentors young professionals through the Upstate Network Young Professionals. Photo: judgetwitty
Source: Instagram

Her parents groomed her into being responsible and set an excellent example for her siblings because she was their oldest child. Twitty youngest judge loved serving the community her entire childhood; hence she joined girl scouts and church youth groups. At a tender age, she gained insights into the challenging work of influential figures like presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm.

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Jasmine Twitty judge at 25

In 2010, Jasmine graduated from the College of Charleston. She hoped that her political science degree would land her a public service job. She moved back home when she could not find her dream job and resolved to establish college prep workshops for high school students instead of searching for a real job.

A few months later, Twitty learned about a clerk vacancy at the Greenville County Bond Court. She was excited to get the job even though she worked for long hours. Her roles were to coordinate bond hearings and handle the paperwork within the court's premises. Jasmine was the youngest and most curious employee in the court. While working with commitment and passion, she asked her seniors hundreds of questions about judgeship.

Working four and a half years as a court clerk made her realize she was born to be a judge. She enrolled in a law school, but after consulting her family and mentors, she discovered that South Carolina judges do not need law degrees because they are appointed. However, Jasmine was required to complete a training program, and she passed the certification examination.

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Jasmine Twitty
Her younger brother and two sisters are above 18 years. Photo: judgetwitty
Source: Instagram

What is Jasmine Twitty political party? She served as the vice president of the Appalachian Young Democrats. Jasmine Twitty Reddit news attracted thousands of congratulatory comments and hundreds of thousands of points.

Jasmine Twitty salary is around $154,661 to $176,453 per year since this is the estimated salary of judges in South Carolina. The judges' wages vary depending on the person's rank in the profession, education level and certifications, working hours, additional skills, and years of professional experience. Who is Jasmine Twitty husband? She was sworn into judgeship as Miss Twitty, which means she was not yet married at that time.

Can you become a judge without becoming a lawyer?

Judge Jasmine Twitty no law degree achievement proves that one can become a judge without it. The UK’s Judicial Appointments Commission encourages people from diverse backgrounds to apply for judgeship positions. However, the applicant must have practised law as a solicitor, barrister, legal executive, or any other legal profession for a few years.

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Jasmine Twitty is a confident, empathic, and ethical professional. She described community service as her service therapy because sharing her talents and gifts with others build her confidence. She believes that taking intentional steps aligns someone to their end goal and subconsciously moves them to the direction they want to go.

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