Top 50 hilarious short people jokes that will crack your ribs

Top 50 hilarious short people jokes that will crack your ribs

We are in a generation where people find fun out of anywhere and with anything. People have already found ways to make short people jokes that will crack your ribs. The jokes are not really for ridicule but rather to create fun and make people laugh. Surprisingly, even the short people find the memes fun, and they join the laughter. See them here.

short people jokes
A family of short people. Photo: @funnymemes
Source: Instagram

You are probably short, or rather you know a person or two. They can be friends or even family members, and maybe you might have found yourself teasing them for their height jokingly. What are some of these short man jokes you made? Well, this article has short people jokes that will make you laugh all day.

Top 50 hilarious jokes for short people

short people jokes
A happy family. Photo: @funnymemes
Source: Instagram

There are thousands of short people funny memes that will reel you with laughter, even if you are experiencing a bad day. How do you tease a short person? Most of these jokes are funny, simple, and straightforward. Nevertheless, not everyone will take them as a joke. Therefore, you should know the person telling these jokes to avoid hurting them. Below are the 50 hilarious height jokes of all times.

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1. You are so small you could use a pillow as your bed and still have some wiggle room.

2. Being the same height, shoe, and clothing size for the rest of your life since you were in 6th grade.

3. People tend to hug your head more than your body.

4. Kissing: either you have to tiptoe, or the other person has to kneel.

5. Fighting you would be animal cruelty.

6. I hope the next stage of your life comes with a ladder.

7. You are so small; you can swing your legs when you sit on a stool.

8. Coming down the stairs must feel like skydiving for you.

9. You are so small you could sweep under your bed while standing.

10. You are so small you would need a lift to kiss your bride.

11. Being tall is an enormous responsibility; Midget looks up to you.

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12. Tall people and midgets should never date. Long-distance relationships never work out.

13. Everyone knows that it is easier to bury midgets. All you need to do is find the correct shoe box.

short people jokes
Funny meme. Photo: @funnymemes
Source: Instagram

14. Midgets tend to get angry quickly because they are so close to the ground their anger does not dissipate quickly.

15. At least one advantage of being small is getting to be in front in all pictures every time.

16. You are the literal definition of down-to-earth.

17. I heard midgets hear what the ancestors are saying since they are so close to the ground.

18. You are so short I bet you do not have to bend to tie your shoelaces.

19. Why do midgets have a hard time raising a family? Because they struggle to put food on the table.

20. Thinking you were average height until you started high school, and everyone other than you kept growing.

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21. How does it feel playing with taller teammates or opponents in sports? It comes with significant challenges and advantages as well.

22. Why can midgets not get depressed? They are always looking up!

23. Have you ever noticed that midgets have more role models than anyone else? It is because they are looking up to everyone

24. Short people are the future. They consume less food, use less car fuel, and more of them fit on Earth. They are eco-friendly humans.

25. Why did the short guy fall asleep in his harness and helmet? Because he was tired from climbing into bed.

26. How do midgets shoot a bow and arrow? With a rubber band and a toothpick.

27. You know you are small when you can do pull-ups on a door handle.

28. You know you are small if you think the people on the wedding cake are the actual bride and groom.

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29. I was shocked to read in the papers today that a dwarf had been pickpocketed. I just thought to myself, how could someone stoop so low?

30. Why did the short guy drop out of college? Because he could not reach higher education.

31. Why was the short person stuck in the elevator? Because they could not reach the door open button.

32. You know you are short when your shoelaces hit you in the head.

33. The water in the shower evaporates before it reaches you.

34. Your so short, you can play handball on the curb.

35. Let us go. I will give you a ride. Hop into my pocket.

36. Look straight into my eyes. Hold in, let me get a step ladder.

37. Just played miniature golf with a dwarf, but he just called it golf.

38. When you fall, no one notices.

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39. Be careful; the little guy might jump up and punch you in the knee

40. Your so short when it rains; you are the last one to know.

41. Your so short; if you pull your socks up, you would be blind.

42. You should smoke some weed; it would make you feel high.

43. When they sneeze, their heads hit the ground.

44. They are so small, when they sit on the curb, their feet swing back and forth.

45. Have you heard about those self-driving cars? It turns out it was just a bunch of short people driving around.

46. Why could the short guy not finish the fun-sized candy bar? It was too big!

47. Diet soda is a regular soda for a midget.

48. Why should you not hire midgets as chefs? Because the steaks are too high.

49. You know you are small when your kids can keep things out of your reach.

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50. Why do midgets always have food in their teeth? Because they cannot pick up a toothpick.

Frequently Asked Question

Below is the frequently asked question about midgets. The answer given is thoroughly researched and derived from credible sources. Keep learning!

How do you tell someone they are short??

  • Think about what it is that you want to communicate.
  • Ensure you tell them as soon as possible!
  • Always reference how much bigger you are.
  • It is always awesome when people point out something that cannot be changed without a pair of six-inch heels!
  • Just don't!

With the above top 50 hilarious short people jokes, you may probably be laughing. However, human beings have diverse ways of comprehending and understanding jokes, and not everyone will enjoy listening to some of these. Whenever you crack them, ensure they do not hurt the other person.

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